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Nonprofit Finance Fund®️ (NFF®️) is a nonprofit lender, consultant, and advocate. For more than 40 years, we’ve worked to strengthen nonprofit organizations and improve the way money flows to social good. We believe that alongside others we must build a more equitable and just social sector, and are committed to helping community-centered organizations led by and serving people of color access the money and resources they need to realize their communities’ aspirations. To learn more, visit

NFF works toward a more equitable, responsive, and valued social sector. We provide financing and consulting to help nonprofits and their funders better connect money to mission results. We are a community development financial institution (CDFI) applying over 40 years of experience to today’s toughest social challenges, and we share what we learn to speed progress. NFF manages over $405 million. Since 1980, we have provided over $1.1 billion in financing and access to additional capital in support of over $3.6 billion in projects for thousands of organizations nationwide. 

We have also provided customized consulting to thousands of organizations throughout the country. In 2020, NFF provided one-on-one support to over 200 organizations, with the goal of helping to build their capacity and sustainability as they work to create a more just and vibrant society. 

NFF works in offices in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Oakland and Los Angeles, with a team of caring and diverse professionals with backgrounds in nonprofits, philanthropy, finance, and beyond.  


NFF is on an exciting journey to advance equity with every aspect of our work. We are expanding our offices and our knowledge, seeking new opportunities and ways of working to better support our financing and consulting clients, as well as our staff. 

We acknowledge that our access to financial and social capital, and the fact that we have been white-led for 40 years, gives us privilege that many organizations on the front lines fighting inequity do not have. We are now channeling that privilege into changing funding practices and targeting support to community-centered nonprofits led by and serving people of color.    

In 2021 we launched Plan 50%+ with the following goals: half of our lending and consulting work will support organizations led by people of color, half of our leadership positions will be held by people of color (our team is already more than half people of color overall), and half of our advocacy work will continue to promote racially equitable funding.  

We, along with many others, are part of a growing movement to shift funding and financing practices to better support organizations that have long persevered through racist, systemic underfunding. We are building a team with diverse skills and backgrounds to support this work. 

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