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Welcome to our job board. This page includes a general description of NOBL, our work, our culture, and our open roles. We encourage you to apply for an open role that interests you, even if you don't feel like you're a perfect fit.

We value diversity and inclusion as an organization and are dedicated to growing our teams with individuals who have varied perspectives and experiences. We are committed to hiring practices that support equal employment opportunities for all regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or veteran status.

Our Work

The central question we at NOBL (pronounced no-bell) exist to answer is “How do you get a lot of people to work together, in a new way?” Meaning, we focus foremost on shared behaviors and behavior change at scale. Therefore, our work entails a lot of active coaching and facilitation. Our days are spent creating spaces for leaders to discuss how they work and how to win in their market, helping their teams design new processes and rituals, and/or then providing feedback as they test and learn their way into higher levels of performance. Unlike our traditional consulting peers, we don’t spend much time designing and delivering artifacts or plans. This includes big, formal change communications. We believe leaders need to clearly communicate context and requirements, but evidence shows that loud, shiny pronouncements and change slogans often increase change resistance and distract from time spent focused on behaviors.

If you approach organizational change foremost as a branding or PR challenge, we aren’t a fit. Additionally, if you prefer to architect a grand design for change and then walk away, we are also not a fit. We love the messy part of change, when folks need the most help to trial and adopt new behaviors, while extinguishing old habits and norms.

If you’re still with us, do explore our perspective and model for organizational change

Our Culture

We believe that culture is the last sustainable competitive advantage, so we put a lot of thought and attention into the culture we foster at NOBL. But because we know that culture is an emergent property of complex systems, we have good days and not-so-great days. In an effort to be fully transparent and practice what we preach, here’s what those days tend to look like:

On our best days:

  • Work is flexible. We have always been a remote-first company, so we have norms and rituals that are road-tested and help folks feel connected while also leaving room to be creative with how and when you get your work done.
  • Work is meaningful. Like we said above, we spend our time in direct contact with clients, coaching and facilitating them. We eschew any unnecessary or busy work and get right to changing behaviors. If you find being a coach to someone trying to make change as meaningful, this will be incredibly rewarding work for you.
  • Learning is constant. This is partly due to being a consultant, always experiencing new challenges and new contexts. But at NOBL we take learning seriously, and have built discussing new ideas and sharing what we’ve learned into our weekly team rhythms. 
  • It’s a great job. This is a bit nuanced, but stay with us. We aim to provide meaningful work, fair compensation, and an inclusive work environment. But we don’t want to replace your family, be the sole container for your passions, or expect undying loyalty or bare vulnerability. We want to create a psychologically safe place to work (where you can speak up, where you can share what’s on your mind, where you can take risks), and we also want to create psychological safety in how you set boundaries and even leave, if/when you choose to. 

On our not-best days:

  • Zoom fatigue is real. Especially when we get into critical change moments with clients, you can spend too much time seated behind a laptop. As COVID restrictions eventually lift, we hope to return to a better balance of in-person vs virtual teaming. 
  • Your resilience is tested. Burnout isn’t just a factor of how many hours you work; it’s also the intensity of the work. Our work is emotionally demanding and draining. We aren’t just helping clients collaborate differently, we are often helping them let go of aspects of their identity that no longer serve them (this is the coaching part of our work). We try to protect your slack so that folks can invest in self care, starting with a 44-week work year, but we have a lot more to do here. 
  • The way forward isn’t always clear. Because we’re growing, we have more to do in both how we standardize our work and how we define roles on our teams. We’re investing a lot here, but it takes time to materialize.

Our Company

NOBL was founded in 2014 and today we are growing, doubling in size since 2020, and we intend to continue growing. We believe that this moment in time represents a global reckoning with the meaning of work and how work is done; and we believe we have a role to play, particularly in helping more folks inside organizations play a direct role in shaping how they work. As we grow, we are just as susceptible to growing pains as other companies, and joining NOBL at this moment means joining with a willingness to help us build better internal systems and to continue improving how we serve our clients.

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