Long and short copy. Headlines and subs. Video & podcast scripts.
Facts and technical information. Strategy. Articles. Interactive content. Social posts. And more.

There are writers who are great at some of the above, and others who can do it all.
We want to hear from you.

We are looking for talented communicators/writers to join our team to work on client projects. These are contract roles for now, and if that’s the relationship you want for the longer term, that works for us. We will also be hiring writers to join our full-time team, but we can start that conversation after we’ve gotten to know each other a bit better through the work we do together. 

Working with our internal creative and account teams, you will help our clients bring large-scale employee-facing programs to life, targeting key stakeholder groups: executives, people leaders, individual contributors.

You must be skilled at writing in adapted voices to connect with different audiences, differentiate stakeholder perspectives and simplify the complicated.



Work with our creative production teams to draft, edit and deliver on-brand creative materials and impactful communications materials for multiple audiences and purposes including web, video, presentation, interactive learning, PDF, Posters, Digital ads, etc.  Your work will include:

  • Depending on your level, you will either lead or participate in briefing/input/discovery meetings; Identify, internally & externally pitch and develop ideas for story arcs, narratives and creative written concepts supporting client briefs.
  • Consume, decipher and organize different inputs (presentations, documents, facilitated workshop sessions, telephone interviews etc.) and transform them into united creative executions.
  • Align strategic thinking with creative expression to simplify the complex while making an emotional connection with the target audience;
  • Lead or participate confidently with a comfort to communicate ideas, leading and/or participating in team discussions and aligning team members with different perspectives.
  • Present work in progress outlines, drafts, and materials; work with clients to receive feedback and work with client groups and our teams /collaborators to move projects forward.
  • Collaborate with Project Managers & Account Managers to synthesize strategic messaging into cohesive, compelling materials, ensure alignment with project goals and the client’s vision, on strategy and on deadline.



Ideal candidates are outstanding writers and strategists with strong business acumen, who can formulate compelling narrative that brings together employees and other stakeholders. You must have excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills, as well as creativity; a collaborative spirit, easy to work with, reliable and organized; ready to push the envelope with innovative & disruptive work + tactics.


  • We’re looking for Intermediate to Senior Writers with 3 to 7 years of relevant experience knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Writing experience in, and practical knowledge of, Human Resources, Internal Communications (client side) and/or demonstrated B2B experience is highly desired.
  • Undergraduate degree in in English, Journalism or Marketing AND proven experience as described above. Senior level opportunities require Master’s level education and/or equivalent relevant experience.
  • A resilient team member who makes the entire team stronger and sees feedback as a positive learning opportunity. You have the ability to work independently, with excellent time-management and organizational skills.
  • Strong research skills and experience.


If you are confident and enthusiastic with a proactive approach to communications, and looking for interesting work with purpose, your efforts will contribute to making a difference for a lot of people.

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