About NewLimit

NewLimit is a biotechnology company working to radically extend human healthspan. We’re developing medicines to treat age-related diseases by reprogramming the epigenome, a new therapeutic mechanism to restore regenerative potential in aged and diseased cells. We leverage functional genomics, pooled perturbation screening, and machine learning models to unravel the biology of epigenetic aging and disease using experiments of unprecedented scale.


NewLimit is seeking an experienced cell and molecular biologist with a background in functional genomics to join our Epigenetic Editing team. Our therapies will restore cell function by reprogramming the epigenome with both natural transcription factors and programmable editors. You will be instrumental to the design, development, and deployment these epigenetic reprogramming tools.

As a member of our team, you will:

  • Collaborate with our Single Cell Technology and Predictive Modeling teams to perform large-scale epigenetic reprogramming screens with single cell read-outs
  • Develop methods for the construction, delivery, and control of epigenetic reprogramming payloads for single cell screens in primary mammalian cells
  • Design and implement functional genomics screens to measure the effect of epigenetic reprogramming on the molecular and functional state of primary mammalian cells
  • Develop programmable epigenetic editing tools to enable targeted and multiplexed remodeling of the epigenome (e.g. using nuclease-dead CRISPR-Cas tools)


  • Ph.D. in molecular biology, cell biology, or a related field or equivalent industry experience (5+ years)
  • Experience with molecular cloning, next-generation sequencing, and associated molecular biology methods
  • Experience with in vitro and in vivo transgenic delivery methods for mammalian cells (at least one of: lentivirus, AAV, AdV, lipid nanoparticle, or similar)
  • Experience with functional genomics approaches for arrayed or pooled screening (e.g. one of: CRISPR-Cas pooled fitness screens, gene expression perturbation profiling, Perturb/CROP-seq, or similar methods)

Nice to have

  • Experience with epigenetic reprogramming methods using transcription factors for cell fate engineering or CRISPR-Cas tools for targeted epigenetic editing
  • Experience working with primary cells and tissue samples
  • Experience with single cell genomics methods
  • Strong Python programming and Unix workflow management skills
  • Therapeutics development experience


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