About NewLimit

NewLimit is a biotechnology company working to radically extend human healthspan. We’re developing medicines to treat age-related diseases by reprogramming the epigenome, a new therapeutic mechanism to restore regenerative potential in aged and diseased cells. We leverage functional genomics, pooled perturbation screening, and machine learning models to unravel the biology of epigenetic aging and disease using experiments of unprecedented scale.


NewLimit is seeking a Senior/Research Associate with experience in cell biology or immunology to join our Immunology team. One of our initial therapeutic programs is developing an epigenetic reprogramming intervention to rejuvenate aged and exhausted T lymphocytes for cell therapy applications. In this role, you will help develop culture systems and perform functional assays to evaluate the effectiveness of our therapeutic candidates and enable the development of new medicines.

What you’ll do

  • Collaborate with our Single Cell Technology, Epigenetic Editing, and Predictive Modeling teams to design, build, and test epigenetic reprogramming interventions for aged and exhausted lymphocytes
  • Isolate, culture, and stimulate human and mouse T cells
  • Perform fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) to isolate and characterize immune cell populations
  • Perform functional and phenotypic assays to assess the therapeutic activity of T cell populations
  • Deliver epigenetic reprogramming perturbations to primary T cells using multiple transgenic manipulation methods (e.g. viral vector, lipofection)


List 2-5 job requirements in bulleted format

  • BS in cell biology, immunology, or a related natural science and 2+ years of work experience in a cell/molecular biology laboratory (academic or industry setting)
  • Experience with mammalian cell culture
  • Experience with most standard molecular biology techniques — e.g. molecular cloning, gel electrophoresis, nucleic acid purification, PCR

Nice to have

  • Experience with primary cell isolation, especially immune cell isolation
  • Experience with flow cytometry and FACS
  • Experience with single cell genomics or other functional genomics methods
  • Computational biology experience (Python programming, Unix)


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