NeuroBlade is looking for a System and IP Engineer to join our team! We are looking for brilliant and passionate people to join our core team and play a major role in helping us building a successful tech company. If you have a team spirit and a can-do-attitude! – Your place is with us!

NeuroBlade set out on a mission to redefine computer architecture for memory intensive tasks. We build high performance solutions for the rapidly growing AI & Analytics market while lowering total cost of ownership. NeuroBlade’s unique hardware solution paired with a complete end-to-end SW stack, enables businesses to take the next leap forward by increasing the efficiency and affordability of their data-centers. 

You will become a part of our young and agile team of open-source technology experts. You will work together with our team on a variety of challenging customer projects including, domain-specific modeling tools, custom integrated development environments, and specialized business applications for engineers in various domains. You will be responsible for working on feature development and technology scouting in customer projects, and also for enhancing open-source frameworks.

What you’ll be doing:           

  • Managing the company’s IP portfolio and strategic plan
  • Develop system and architecture approaches
  • Deep knowledge and involvement in the company’s system and architecture
  • Close work with the company’s CTO and CEO and R&D
  • Working with patent firms and patent offices all over the world
  • Competitive analysis of both products and patents


  • Background in EE or CS - Degree from a known university
  • Excellent English
  • Desire and passion for the field of patent writing
  • Ability to see and analyze things at both the micro and system levels

Major advantages:

  • Advanced degree
  • Experience in patent writing
  • Hands on experience in system or AI or HPC or computer architectures

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