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NEAR Foundation is looking for an experienced Product Manager to lead our Ecosystem Experience initiative. In this role, you will lead a high-priority effort to build the smoothest possible onboarding experience for those interested in familiarizing themselves with the NEAR project, ecosystem or technology. You will develop the strategy, set the roadmap, and define the requirements to support the onboarding process for our community members in order to create the most compelling, seamless and engaging onboarding flow for everyone who is curious about the NEAR project across any channel. 


You will have the opportunity cross-functionally with teams in community, product marketing, product management and education to make anyone excited about NEAR and connected to our communities as quickly and smoothly as possible.


You will

  • Positively impact the experience for new visitors to our NEAR ecosystem -- including potential hires, developers, community members, token holders, press, founders, more. All visitors will become more informed, engaged and excited than a comparable visit to any other protocol in the space.
  • Create compelling and delightful product demos which will both educates prospects about NEAR and gives them clear calls to action for deeper, more engaging experiences depending on their persona type.
  • Become an authority on the practices, innovations, and trends in blockchain. You’ll share your vision with others both internally and externally so we can make NEAR a better home for all.
  • Lead the efforts to help increase conversions of new visitors to the website to set up a NEAR wallet and join one of our NEAR guild.
  • Support partners, guilds and community members with their first steps into the NEARverse.
  • Serve as the champion and voice of the ecosystem members in every conversation. You will build direct relationships with the ecosystem and immerse yourself in their experience. You’ll also strive to ensure everyone on our team understands their needs.


You are:

  • An experienced product manager with a proven track record 
  • Excellent at building consensus with a diverse group of cross-functional team members
  • Savvy at leveraging a very structured thought process about user journeys and working backwards to serve them.
  • Able to translate complex and sometimes ambiguous data into actionable priorities
  • Methodical about research that refines the team strategy
  • You can make informed decisions on changes that improve the product experience
  • A believer in empowerment of others and contributing to an inclusive team
  • Passionate about global ecosystem expansion and creating delightful user experiences


We Value:

    1. ECOSYSTEM-FIRST: always put the health and success of the ecosystem above any individual's interest.
    2. OPENNESS: operate transparently and consistently share knowledge to build open communities.
    3. PRAGMATISM OVER PERFECTION: find the right solution not the ideal solution and beat dogmatism by openly considering all ideas.
    4. MAKE IT FEEL SIMPLE: strive to make the complex feel simple so the technology is accessible to all.
  • GROW CONSTANTLY: learn, improve and fail productively so the project and community are always becoming more effective.


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