The NEAR project is unlike anything else out there -- it combines the collaborative community of an open-source project with aspects of developer platforms like Heroku or AWS.  This provides a unique opportunity for someone who is sufficiently "T-shaped" to participate in initiatives across domains and apply deep operational skills to ensure that they are successfully implemented.  As the Chief of Staff, you will not just help the NEAR Foundation to realize its internal mission but your scope of operation spans the entire ecosystem and the reach of the role is perhaps broader than any other. In that way, you will both participate in the scrappy culture of a startup and help drive a range of major initiatives at the scale of a large enterprise or global social movement.

The Role

NEAR Foundation  is hiring a  Chief of Staff, reporting directly to our CEO. The primary objective for you is to make the organization more effective by making the CEO more effective. This "right hand position" means taking on a huge range of responsibilities and exposing yourself to pretty much everything that's happening at the strategic, tactical and organizational levels of the Foundation and its ecosystem. It's an opportunity to learn from a firehose but it will also be quite challenging because of the varied nature of tasks and the follow ups they require.  It involves a combination of strategic thinking, grunt work in the trenches and a huge amount of ownership mentality to see projects through.

Key areas of responsibility are commensurately broad and include:

  • Drive implementation of the CEO’s key decisions across the organization, ensuring full alignment and accountability.
  • Spin up new initiatives as the "tip of the spear" to turn ideas into structured operations that you can then scale yourself out of.  These might range from finding a team to build a component to standing up a $100M go-to-market program.
  •  Collaborate with department leads to develop and track team-wide success metrics across our quarterly OKRs.  
  • Prepare decks and organize communication events like board meetings, all-hands meetings, manager meetings and town halls.
  • Be the human router for all the little things -- whenever something requires followup, we'll need your help to make sure it happens but we'll also need your help to figure out the best way to implement brand new ideas.
  • Come up with other creative ways to make the organization more effective, whether by creating new programs, streamlining operations, hiring, managing more effectively or kick-starting and owning a completely new initiative.


This is a quirky sort of position which requires someone with enough experience to have very strong judgement but also a certain maverick personality and startuppyness so you are always thirsty for more knowledge and responsibility. Specifically:

  • 5+ years of experience building and leading technology companies or consulting.
  • MBA from a top school, 2-3 years of experience operating at the exec level of a growth organization or 2-3 years of owning a high impact team that required significant cross-team collaboration.
  • A crazy ability to get things done and the organization to follow them up.
  • Epic level communication skills, particularly in English.  The aperture of communication between you and the CEO will be one of the most important factors in your success.


This is a full-time, mostly remote position with the NEAR Foundation in Zug, Switzerland. Preference will be given for candidates located in Switzerland or who can move without visa support.  If you are outside of Switzerland, you will need to be able to travel there with some frequency to interact with the leadership team and the CEO (with Covid disclaimers, naturally).


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