We’re building the infrastructure of the new web with some of the best engineers in the world but, as we continue to grow, the additional responsibilities of the leadership team make it harder for them to give the rest of the team the support it needs to operate at its best.

Our engineers come from the top tech companies -- Google, Facebook, Niantic -- and are some of the best competitive programmers in the world.  Are you someone who has the ability to dive into the code with the best of them but also enjoys driving the team to perform at its highest level?  This is a role which bridges between individual contribution in our core codebase and shipping our strategic objectives on time by managing the engineering team.

To be successful as an Engineering Manager at Near, you should be totally comfortable shipping top quality code yourself but also with managing world class engineers and gently implementing the process that’s necessary to meet objectives.  This isn’t always easy -- the best engineers are always opinionated -- but you have the ultimate ownership of actually *shipping* when it happens and significant input to the direction of both the technical architecture and the product vision.

Top candidates will combine the best practices of operating in world class environments with world class teams (like you often find at the aforementioned tech companies) and the scrappy hustle of startup environments where you never have entirely clear objectives or roadmaps.  You will need excellent communication and organization skills mixed with top quality engineering skills throughout the full stack.

We support products across web, mobile and deep tech so the stack is wide-ranging but has significant portions of JavaScript (and variants like AssemblyScript) and Rust.  Our primary team divisions are into a deep tech team (blockchain layer / Rust) and an application layer team (from dev tools up to end-user-facing wallets).

As someone with experience and judgement, you will be heavily involved in hiring decisions as well.

While energy and enthusiasm are key, this is a position for **very well experienced developers and managers only**.  We don’t care what certifications you have or even if you went to school… but you absolutely need to be able to ship great code and have a history of working with world class engineers.


## Requirements:

  1. 8+ years building production-level applications and experiences in rapid iteration, high-quality environments like top tier tech companies, startups and consultancies.
  2. 3+ years in engineering management in an environment with world class teams and practices like Google, Facebook, etc.
  3. Comfort operating across the full stack including front end web, mobile, back end, smart contracts and dev ops.
  4. Comfort interviewing and hiring top quality engineers.


## Get to Know NEAR

Near is building the infrastructure of the decentralized web, including the NEAR Protocol smart contract platform and a variety of supporting tools.  NEAR is a scalable blockchain designed to provide the performance and user experience necessary to bridge the gap to mainstream adoption of decentralized applications.  Unlike other next generation blockchains, this network has been built from the ground up to be the easiest in the world for both developers and their end users while still providing the scalability necessary to serve those users.


## Working at Near

At Near, you have the chance to become an early member of a world-class team with significant upside. The opportunity we are tackling will completely reshape the landscape of the web for decades to come and potentially affect billions of people.  We are funded by the top names in the industry and have attracted the best technical minds in the world to create a technology that will directly change the lives of billions of people.

This is a performance culture where you’ll be working alongside -- and learning from -- other top quality teammates executing at their best.  We value boldness, ownership, transparency, curiosity and experimentation. We pay competitively plus we offer all employees full health benefits, daily lunch and a fully stocked office within walking distance of BART in SOMA.

If you’re excited by the challenge of winning in the fastest moving ecosystem as a member of its best team, this might be a good fit.

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