Duration: 4 months or more

Assist in development and deployment of statistical and platform code on high-performance computing systems. Ideal candidate will have experience reviewing and debugging large code bases, will possess a background in quantitative methods and/or computer science, and has proven capabilities in translating requirements into efficient code. Role involves working closely with data scientists and software engineers in development, testing and deployment of a large statistical system for production-grade analysis and prediction, so experience working in an interdisciplinary team with a strong attention to detail is a plus.

Key Skills
1. Deep experience with the R statistical programming language, including dplyr and associated packages.
2. Solid foundational understanding of computer science (e.g., functional programming) and software engineering practices.
3. Experience with large-scale parallel computing, especially Spark/SparkR and DataBricks (or similar) required.
4. Prior experience using git as a shared code repository for large projects.
5. Experience with Azure or similar cloud solutions preferred.
6. Background and experience with statistical methods, data analysis and machine learning is a plus.

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