About Narrativ

NARRATIV is seeking energetic software engineers to join its growing team and develop products and infrastructure for its growing business.  Our smart links are used across the Internet, with a vast number of interactions per day.

NARRATIV is building the commerce and payments infrastructure for the Creator Economy. We make it simple for creators to earn a full time income selling products from brands they love.

50 million people work in the Creator Economy today, but 95% don’t make enough to pay their monthly rent. Creators feel more pressure than ever to keep adding new revenue streams, from fan subscriptions to tips, and churn out a constant stream of new content just to get by. Commerce is a massively under-monetized revenue stream because it’s been falsely housed as “affiliate marketing” to date.

Narrativ is changing this status quo - our platform gives creators commerce, not affiliate tools, to manage their businesses. Creators who were making less than $25K a year through affiliate are now earning $100K+ through commerce on Narrativ. These creators don’t need millions of followers - the majority of creators earning a full time income on Narrativ have between 50-300K subscribers. 

Narrativ has been recognized as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and one of Fast Company World’s Most Innovative Companies alongside giants like Google, Microsoft, and Slack. Narrativ is committed to building a diverse team in a technology ecosystem that is anything but - the team is 42% women and 60% people of color today.

Do you share our vision for making the creator economy dream real for millions of people? Come join our team!


What you’ll do

  • Take lead on large meaningful features, system revamps, and scaling solutions
  • Code in the latest & greatest of front-end tech (React, Typescript, Node.js, Next.JS, GraphQL, etc.)
  • Be one with agility in many-times-a-day production deployments with modern Ci/CD practices (feature flags!)
  • Work alongside and help lead fellow engineers to develop ever-improving software standards and practices
  • Walk the line between product requirements & customer feedback with confidence - and know when to push back


You’re the right fit if

  • You’re not scared to move quick & break things - and fix them just as fast : )
  • Keeping your up-to-date software dev edge is a personal practice
  • Learning new things and trying new ways is exciting and refreshing
  • You see mentoring, guiding, and answering your team’s questions as equally valuable to your own heads-down time
  • Carrying heavy personally-set expectations and exceeding them motivates you
  • The software development life cycle (you know, that circle chart) is second nature
  • You’re not scared to question the way things are done - while remaining respectful to the opinions of others
  • You can write clean code that runs in a browser with javascript… had to say it


Baseline skill expectations - extra points for things in [brackets]

  • 3-5yrs+ React knowledge [Next.JS framework]
  • Css/Sass/Less know-how [TailwindCSS]
  • PR / safe code collaboration practice [PRs + LaunchDarkly]
  • Automated testing / unit / e2e / etc. experience [Cypress]
  • Deployment pipeline involvement [Jenkins / Github Actions]
  • Leadership history [player/coach, mentor, etc.]
  • Project management / organizational skills [Jira/Confluence]


The position

  • Provide technical and design leadership within an engineering team.
  • Master the code base, toolchain, and development processes of a product team.
  • Work with product management partners to articulate requirements and agree on designs for components.
  • Negotiate interfaces between your components and others in the Narrativ system.
  • Design software components and subsystems for Narrativ’s products or infrastructure.
  • Implement high-quality software components and subsystems with your team.
  • Document the architecture of your designs at the block diagram level.
  • Write technical documents as needed to memorialize design and implementation decisions and rationales.
  • May serve as tech lead (player-coach) of an implementation team.
  • Drive implementation of automated testing for your components.
  • Contribute to refinement and enrichment of development tools and processes.
  • Participate in risk analysis and risk management exercises with engineering leadership.



  • A successful candidate will have substantial relevant experience in high-tech software development teams.

Education expectation

  • A bachelor’s or better degree in computer science or software engineering -or-
  • A bachelor’s or better degree in a STEM discipline plus substantial software engineering experience


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