Myntra’s Engineering team builds the technology platform that empowers our customers’ shopping
experience and enables the smooth flow of products from suppliers to our customers’ doorsteps. We work on
areas such as building massive-scale web-applications, engaging user-interfaces, big-data analytics, mobile
apps, workflow systems, inventory-management etc. We are a small technology team where each individual
has a huge impact. You will have the opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing organization and gain
exposure to all the parts of a comprehensive ecommerce platform.

About Team
You will be part of: Analytics

• Data is the lifeblood of e-commerce businesses and this is the team that manages all the company’s
ata. The team has built a Big Data Platform to ingest data from a variety of data sources, standardize
metrics and build data & analytics products . If you are interested in the fast growing field of big data
and analytics, and want to work on big data engineering, building data visualization products and
build analytical models (Insights) to power business decisions, then this is the team for you.
• You will get to work on managing large data stores (both relational data-warehouses as well as non - relational stores like HDFS) and learn about how to build mammoth-scale event collection and
processing systems. You will also learn a lot of the business, as this team is also responsible for
calculating all the key business metrics for each team. The team uses Kafka, Spark, Scala, Java,
RedShift, MemSQL, AeroSpike, Python, R, as well as web technologies (nodejs, react) for building data
& analytics products.

Roles & Responsibilities
• Displays structured problem solving, application of right tools & techniques to solve open ended
problems, Creates productized analytics solutions or frameworks independently.
• Understand Business problems and come up with data driven tech solutions.
• Root cause analysis and Deep dive analysis of certain business problems using Machine Learning
• Data integration and building a data warehouse for automating the Business Intelligence system
• Running and maintaining the reporting system, presenting insights at a weekly forum
• Building templates, dashboards in Excel or on the intranet for operational and management reporting
• Data extraction as per business request for Ad hoc analysis
• Business analysis and understanding
• Evaluating metrics to be tracked as per business goals, exploring other available metrics for deeper
understanding of business performance
• Statistical and Analytical Models and methods for data analysis

Qualifications & Experience
• 3-5 years of experience in working on reporting / business intelligence systems
• Quick learner and ability to work in dynamic work environment
• Team player and comfortable interacting with people from multiple disciplines
• Expert knowledge of data manipulation language such as SQL.Advanced knowledge of modeling tools
such as R, Python, SAS, SPSS. Designs and develops data flow for analytics products;
• Established expertise in designing new dashboards, identifying the right metrics, layout; displays
proficiency in building dashboards on UDP and Tableau using best practices and intuitive visualization
• In addition to statistical techniques, applied knowledge of many commonly used ML, OR, other soft
computation techniques such as - Random Forest, SVM, KNN, xGB (Gradient Boosting) - Apriori
(association rules), Naive Bayes Classification - Neural Nets, Genetic Algorithm - Integer and MILP
Manager – Analytics & Business Insights
Programming, Non Linear Optimisation - Advanced linear and non linear regression techniques -
Advanced clustering techniques - Queueing techniques, Stochastic modeling and Simulation

Qualifications -  B Tech/BE in Computer Science or equivalent from a reputed college


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