Growth is the top priority for every company. Yet the best tools and practices are restricted to a few elite companies who can hire hundreds of engineers and data scientists. Everybody else loses $19 out of every $20 on generic marketing. Mutiny is building a no-code platform that helps companies convert that waste into actual customers and revenue by personalizing experiences based on who is actually viewing.

This problem has not been solved in a decade and we are building an iconic company that will automate growth engineering for every company. That's why Sequoia, YCombinator, and CMOs of companies such as Snowflake and Airbnb invested. Mutiny is beloved by some of the fastest growing companies including NotionBrexCartaSegment, Algolia and Qualtrics. We have quadrupled revenue year-over-year with even more on the horizon!

Current Job Openings

Business Operations

Finance & Accounting

BizOps & Strategic Finance Partner
United States / Canada

Engineering, Product & Design


Product Designer
Remote - United States / Canada


Data Engineer
United States / Canada


Technical Product Manager
Remote - United States / Canada

Go to Market

Customer Experience

Growth Strategist
Remote - United States / Canada


Business Development Representative
Remote - United States
Head of Ecosystem Marketing
United States / Canada
Head of Field & Customer Marketing
United States / Canada


Solutions Engineering Lead
Remote - US & Canada