Humanitarian Affairs Officers (HAOs) help MSF to expose the impact that conflict and neglect have on the people we serve and to advocate for them. They also ensure maintains access to our patients. From carefully building a sensitive advocacy strategy to writing reports on the exclusion of certain communities from medical care, the role of an HAO is incredibly varied.


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MSF Canada is a people-focused humanitarian organization that is proud to offer a diverse, collaborative, and inclusive work environment. We strongly believe this approach enhances our work and we’re committed to equity in employment. The organization seeks to attract and engage the best professionals to join and maintain meaningful, productive and lasting work relationships. We embrace diverse motivations and backgrounds of people working together to exhibit their passion in action for the social mission of MSF.

MSF Canada acknowledges the existence of systemic racism and oppression and is committed to sustaining and strengthening its anti-racism and anti-oppression (AOAR) efforts.

As MSF Canada continues to grow and strive to remove barriers in its offices in Canada and in MSF work environments abroad, we welcome applications from individuals with unique experiences of intersectional oppression on the basis of their social markers such as their ethno-racial identity, age, gender identity, education, socio-economic status or place of origin.

We encourage Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, LGBTQIA2S+ people, individuals living with disabilities and any individual experiencing vulnerable circumstances to apply.

Responses to the below questions are completely voluntary and are not associated with your individual application and has no impact, in any way, in the hiring decision. The data collected will be used in aggregate only to help us identify areas of improvement in our recruitment process. 

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