The Technical Product Manager is a natural explorer with innate curiosity, highly meticulous, whose passion lies in growing great products. They’re not expected to be a developer, but they’ve got the technical chops to hold their own with architects and engineers. Success for them is building an interesting solution that customers will love, while letting our technology do the heavy lifting without customers even noticing.

This is an office optional position and is open to anyone working remote within the USA or Canada.


The Technical Product Manager’s mandate is to

Advance Moz’s tools in the market by applying interesting technology to create innovative solutions that delight our customers.


  • Act as a cross-functional thought partner and hub for Product Managers, SMEs, Data Scientists and Engineering alike as it relates to innovation via technical solutions.
  • Be the product partner for other teams and external partners and clients as it relates to our data (see section below)
  • Partner with Product Managers to identify product opportunities that can be addressed with interesting technical solutions, validate those ideas with customers, prioritize with fellow Product Managers and work with engineers to define a path to execute on them.
  • Create validation frameworks, vet and define technical capabilities, and work with SMEs, data scientists and Data Engineering to explore product opportunities (via POCs, prototypes etc.)
  • Own the lifecycle of technical products and their projects, including ideation, building POC, drafting functional specifications, reviewing them with stakeholders, monitoring their build status, validating their implementation against specifications and analyzing their success post launch.
  • Be able to clearly communicate changes to timelines, scope and impact of technical projects to the Director of Product, and other key stakeholders.
  • Monitor and communicate analytically the success of product features launched 
  • Advocate for technical product innovation in our product roadmap
  • Clearly articulate why technical product solutions are needed/implemented to a non-technical audience

Manage Highly Technical Moz Product Areas

They are the subject matter expert for Moz’s proprietary metrics (existing and upcoming) and technical products, understanding at a high-level:

  • Why they’re important to clients
  • How they’re leveraged in the Moz ecosystem
  • How they’re built
  • What expertise is needed to keep them updated/fresh

Additionally, they should:

  • Be the product owner and champion of these metrics and products across the organization
  • Collaborate with CS and Engineering to understand the impact of bugs/issues and necessary enhancements and prioritize accordingly
  • Own highly technical product areas that require an inherent understanding of the technology and its application to customer problems
  • Understand improvements based on client needs and usage that form the basis for the product backlog

Product Interface for Client Data Relationships

Act as the product representative as it relates to our large and complex data relationships with external partners and clients.  Keeping track of the following:

  • What are we contractually obliged to provide to them?
  • What services are they using? How are they using them?
  • What level of service are they expecting (/is written in the contract)?
  • How are they impacted by degradation/changes/enhancements to our services?
  • Who do they interface with if they have detailed questions/feedback/etc.?
  • What is the $ impact of these clients wrt our services?
  • What could we build or provide that would improve their experience?


  • Basic market/user research 
  • Technical analysis
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Extremely strong communication skills: technically, functionally and analytically
  • Business case and requirements writing as well as core documentation
  • Working technical acumen, troubleshooting insight, and ability to work with databases, machine learning models, and rapid development programming languages and environments
  • Advanced prioritization techniques
  • Agile product management
  • This is a mid to senior level role. Your resume should show a clear track record of working closely with stakeholders to take features from initial ideation to successful launch.

What Success Looks Like for This Role

  • Moz is launching features that solve complex customer problems seamlessly.
  • Moz is able to be first to market for innovative solutions for customers.
  • Product Managers feel empowered and are unencumbered by technical challenges.
  • The SME and Data Engineering teams have a strong and respected voice in the Product organization.
  • Changes and iterations made to technical products are done with limited barriers, quickly, effectively and with a focus on customer impact


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