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Moongrove enables humans to unlock AI's potential like never before.

For businesses with an online presence, generating beautiful, branded creative assets is a constant need. But it isn't easy to do reliably, quickly, and affordably. Hiring a designer or agency, coordinating a photoshoot, tinkering in Canva or Photoshop—it’s not ideal, so we fixed it.

Moongrove is a design platform that enables business owners and their design teams to rapidly accelerate content production time through artificial intelligence. By training unique AI imaging models on a brand's specific products, aesthetic, and guidelines, a designer can go from idea to hundreds of assets in minutes. The time typically required to conduct a photoshoot, source stock images, or perform masking and compositing is passed to an AI model that intimately knows a brand's needs, allowing human teammates to spend their time doing what they're best at: being creative. 

Our founding team has successfully ran venture-backed businesses, built product from the ground up, and directly supported fellow business owners in the world of venture capital. Our team has a deep understanding of the creative production workflow, having previously built teams of hundreds of highly skilled graphic designers, animators, photo manipulators, and retouchers. Collectively, Moongrove's founders have delivered over 3 million creative assets, both visual and copy, to thousands of the world's leading brands. Now, with the power of AI, we are building another all-star team of technologists, creatives, and operators to help us collectively refine and fulfill our vision.

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