We’re looking for a Mixed Method Senior User Researcher who can help us understand our customers and how they use our product. 

Monzo’s mission is to make money work for everyone. As a research team, we want to identify the customer needs we’re not yet meeting and the value we bring to customers that we should amplify. 

We’re looking for someone who knows how to make use of both qualitative and quantitative user research methods to shape Monzo’s company-wide strategy for product development. If you get excited about evaluating an experience, collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams and setting a product-wide strategy, this might be for you. 

We don’t expect everyone to have every type of experience on our list. If you have a lot of the relevant skills and are excited about learning more to fill in the gaps, we’d love to hear from you. We care deeply about inclusive working practices and diverse teams. We’re keen to ensure we’re designing a bank that works for everyone, so we particularly encourage applications from underrepresented demographics. 

What you’ll do everyday 

  • Identify emerging opportunities for improving the user experience of  core journeys in the app. To do this you’ll collect and analyse behavioural, experiment and survey data; usability test our live app; and support others to do the same. 
  • Build new systems that help us better understand our user experience. You’ll identify the metrics that will help us measure the usability of our product, and where the appropriate systems for measuring our usability don’t yet exist, you’ll help us get them in place so we can track change over time. 
  • Identify the root causes of wider customer experience issues and help multi-disciplinary teams tackle them. You’ll work closely with other researchers and colleagues who track a range of data sources, such as brand insights, app reviews, satisfaction ratings and customer service data. You’ll run interviews with customers and non-customers to understand these trends more deeply.
  • Make sure we’re capturing actionable feedback from our customers at the right place and time by assessing and rationalising the feedback we gather whether that’s in-app surveys, via social media and in reviews. 
  • Help make Monzo more accessible by helping to manage accessibility audits, running accessibility testing and advocating on behalf of all our customers
  • Collaborate with Product Managers, Product Designers, Marketeers, Data Scientists, Engineers, Customer Operations and other User Researchers. You won’t need to be an expert in every area. Using your holistic view of the whole product, you’ll help build bridges between different parts of the organisation to advocate for the customer.

You should apply if

  • You’re passionate about helping achieve our mission of making money work for everyone. You’ve made a demonstrable impact on the direction of the product or service in the past and want to do the same at Monzo.
  • You have hands-on experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods, and you know how to connect different sources of primary and secondary insight to provide the most relevant information. 
  • You enjoy working with data. You’ve used self-service tools like Looker to analyse customer segments, discover new opportunities, track goals or define target user lists for surveys. You have an understanding of basic statistical concepts, like statistical significance.
  • You think big, and start small. You have a vision for what you want your insights to achieve for a whole product or service, and can break that down into achievable actions that can make things better quickly and often. 
  • You bring people together through research. You collaborate with multidisciplinary teams and bring people together to deliver the most impactful research and build shared understanding.
  • You can share insights with different stakeholders, from product teams to senior leadership. You're able to contextualise and prioritise actionable insights to get work on the roadmap. 
  • You’re proactive, adaptable and resilient with a positive mindset. You’re able to balance robust study design with the practicalities of a fast-moving company. 

Even better if 

  • You have basic SQL skills that allow you to understand or even write your own custom queries for data analysis
  • You understand more advanced statistical techniques (like cluster and regression analysis) or can perform them in Python
  • You have experience improving customer metrics like Net Promoter Score and Customer Effort Scores 
  • You’ve helped companies tailor their products to different user groups by segmenting customers through research and data analysis
  • You’re experienced applying behavioural science or economics to product decisions

This isn’t for you if

  • You have a couple of research methods you love and want to stick to. This role incorporates a broad range of skills - evaluative research, data analysis, exploratory research. You don’t have to be an expert at everything, but you need to love flexing your approach and learning new skills as you go.
  • You like working on neat, discrete problems. The opportunities in this role are many and you’ll collaborate with lots of stakeholders and prioritise only the most impactful work.
  • You want to pass research findings over to someone else once you’ve written your report. We’re looking for researchers who are tenacious about making sure their research results in impact by working closely with stakeholders to find actionable next steps.
  • This is your first research job. We’re a small team at a fast-paced company, so we need someone to hit the ground running.
  • You want to focus on people management. You’ll lead large pieces of work and you’ll act as a mentor for others, but the initial scope of the role is as an individual contributor and doesn’t include managing people.

Our data stack at Monzo 

Monzo Data has a modern, cloud native, event driven infrastructure. We capture a range of data points - from client analytics on how our users interact with app, the products they engage with, and the ways they use their core Monzo account. All of our data is streamed into Google BigQuery and available for analysis in SQL, Looker and Python.

Our Process

  • Initial call with a Monzo Recruiter (30 min)
  • Initial call with a User Researcher (30 min)
  • Task you can choose to take home or do as part of your “on-site” interview (30 mins)
  • Virtual "on-site" interview (3 hours)

We want to give people applying for roles at Monzo the best opportunity to succeed and we design our process to do that. We promise not to ask you any brain teasers or trick questions. 

We’re currently hiring for this role across multiple levels. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which level of seniority best fits your experience. We want to find brilliant people. We’ll work with you to find the right Monzo level for you if you’re invited to interview.

While the pandemic is still here, everyone at Monzo is welcome to work remotely. When things return to normal, we'd like you to be able to be part of working in a team environment in our London office at least 1 day a week.

The salary range at this level starts from £70,000+ per annum, as well as a competitive benefits package. We're happy to discuss in more detail in your initial call with us to make sure we're aligned with the package you're seeking in your next role.


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