We're looking for experienced Fraud Advisors to join our team on in September 2021

At Monzo, we’re building a new kind of bank. One that lives in your smartphone and helps you take control of your money. We are always here to help as every customer gets access to 24/7 customer support through a quick call, social media, emails and our app  🚀

We want to delight our customers in any way possible. Our mission is to make money work for everyone, and while having a great app is part of that, we pride ourselves on providing world-class support. By solving customers’ problems, treating them fairly and being totally transparent, we believe we can make banking better 💪

The Role Function

We’re looking for experienced Fraud and Disputes Advisors to help us achieve our goal of delivering the best service in the world to customers who are victims of fraud, or have disputes with merchants. The team also helps customers who have been scammed into sending their money away via bank transfer. 

Unfortunately, Fraud is an unavoidable part of banking, and while Monzo is constantly working to prevent it, we can't eradicate it completely. 

In the Fraud and Disputes function, you'll be investigating the claims of unauthorised transaction fraud, and authorised push payment fraud made by our customers, in order to confirm that they are indeed a real victim, and haven't enabled the fraud through their own actions. You'll help to determine whether or not we can help them recover the money they have lost.

In this team we also look after non-fraud disputes - you'll also be helping our customers gather the appropriate evidence they need for a successful chargeback dispute - we want to set them up for success 🙌

The role will involve

You'll review claims submitted by customers to understand their situations. You'll examine the data and use our tools in order to work out if that supports the customer's story. Once you've gathered all the information you might need, you'll be able to come to a decision! 

You'll have the chance to develop a wealth of knowledge surrounding fraud, chargebacks, and various scams that are currently circulating the UK. You'll gain a deeper understanding about how Fraud regulation in the UK (and in other markets) works. As you gain experience you'll be given the authority to take on more complex, and higher value cases.

You'll be taught how to:

  • Use the full set of tools in our internal database in order to build a timeline of a customer's fraud claim
  • Assess the evidence a customer provides us for chargeback eligibility
  • Question our customers effectively and efficiently without influencing their answers, or making them feel interrogated - we still want to delight our customers whenever we can!
  • Make fair decisions based on external regulations and internal policies, to deliver fair outcomes for our customers.

There may be occasions where a customer is unable to access their app or send us an email, and calling them back will be the best way for us to give a customer the service they need. So you should be comfortable on the phone ☎️

You’ll be working remotely on an ‘open availability’ contract basis, to make sure we're always here to help and allow 24/7 customer support through our calls, social media platforms, email or in-app chat. That means your shift pattern will change on a weekly basis.
To make sure we have enough cover on weekends, you'll work some other weekend days and get days off in the same working week. All of our full time COps are guaranteed 1 full weekend off each month.
You can read more about open availability at Monzo here. Open Availability

This role may be for you if:

  • You have experience of handling fraud and disputes cases within your role
  • You have an approach to problem solving that means you're comfortable handling tasks that are slightly different every time.
  • You love doing deep investigations based on the customer's story, while using all the tooling we have available.
  • You're comfortable making high value, sometimes emotionally difficult decisions.
  • You are very comfortable using a laptop (an Apple MacBook will be provided by Monzo)
  • You want to help our customers who have been victims of a crime.
  • You're passionate about helping our customers' when they are at their most vulnerable, while ensuring we're not exposing Monzo to financial crime.

What does success look like in this role?

  • You can handle high value claims confidently, and consistently.
  • You have a keen eye for potential vulnerabilities in our customers', and know when to take that into account in your decision making.
  • You know to spend less time on simpler cases, and allow yourself more time to investigate more complex claims.
  • You can communicating with other teams at Monzo in order to come to the best outcome for the customer.
  • You're comfortable feeding back to the newer members of the team in order to help with their development.

Salary - £21,500 - £22,500 depending on direct and relevant experience.

You should apply if you:

  • are a UK resident and currently living in the UK
  • have the right to work in the UK - an offer of employment is subject to satisfactory proof of this.
  • are over 18 years old
  • care deeply about delighting our customers
  • are great at explaining things to people, and have flawless written English
  • delight in investigating awkward problems, getting to the root cause and fixing them
  • know your way around social networks, and technology interests you
  • are friendly and super organised
  • want to be part of the team that makes Monzo!
  • are comfortable using a laptop (provided by Monzo)
  • haven't applied and been unsuccessful within the last 6 months

Please note that this role is subject to a credit check

🏡 To work remotely you'll also need:

  • to work from home in the UK in a safe, private and distraction free environment
  • a solid internet connection (download speed - 10mbps; upload speed - 3 mbps)

💻 Equipment:

  • We'll provide you with a work laptop on your first day. There's no need to supply your own.
  • You do need to own your own smartphone, this will be needed each time you log into our customer support system.

The application process 🤝

  • 🕑Please allow 1-2 hours to complete this application.
    • ⭐️TOP TIP! What are we looking for in your application?
    • A high level of attention-to-detail in your written communication, which is important in this role.
    • Specific, tangible examples which cover the topic in the 'tell us about a time when...' questions.
    • Analytical problem solving skills to help get the customer to a logical solution in the scenario based questions, whilst being customer centric and empathetic.
  • 👀 Once you've submitted your application questions, we'll review along with your CV (there is no need to submit a Cover Letter, please use this time to answer the application questions instead).
  • 🎉 If you're successful, we’ll invite you to one of our remote assessment days, where you'll have some one-on-one interviews via Google Hangout.
  • If all goes well, you'll join our growing team on a mission to make money work for everyone! 🚀

You'll spend 5 days per week for your first three to four weeks in training (Monday-Friday) between 09:00-18:00. This is all done remotely.

Questions about this role or application process? Head over to our careers page to read our FAQs (www.monzo.com/careers) or email ops-hiring@monzo.com

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