Mode Analytics, Inc., San Francisco, CA seeks Pre-Sales Data Analysts - Gathering business intelligence data from the client by gathering business requirements for analytics and suggesting optimal design principles and data engineering tactics to optimize performance and maintainability of their analytics stack.  Analyzing related products, market or common trends within client industries using best-in-class analytics tools such as the Mode platform, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, D3, Python and R. Synthesizing current business intelligence data and developing customized recommendations on which Mode data tools would be best suited for the projects or actions at hand. Analyzing the data using the Mode platform, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, D3, Python and R to support recommendations.  Identifying potential customers currently using other business intelligence software, analyzing their business needs and creating the most appropriate demo tools and systems using HighCharts, Python, and D3 visualizations the Mode platform, in order to present and model our tools in a successful manner leading to immediate acceptance of our products.  Developing general business intelligence tools, databases and outputs ready to be used as demos for specific industries when needed.  Researching and implementing Analytics best practices.  Reading leading industry journals, papers, message boards, and other communication vehicles to identify trends that have business strategy implications.  Listening to clients’ needs and paying particular attention to items clients “wish” their technical analytics programs could do, synthesizing this feedback into actionable insights, and reporting out these insights to cross-functional business and technical teams in relevant domains.  Analyzing technology trends to identify new markets for future product development.  Sharing industry research with product and management teams in order to develop the next generation Mode platform.  Utilizing strong SQL knowledge, as well as knowledge of analytics tools including R and Python within the Mode product's ecosystem to solve data-related business challenges.  Building custom analytics dashboards, in advanced modeling and business intelligence tools such as Python and SQL.  Documenting and sharing data analytics and data modeling best practices with the analytics and product development teams. 

Requires Bachelor’s (or foreign educ. equiv.) Degree in Business Analytics, or closely related field and two (2) yrs. experience in the Job Offered.  Experience must have included: Identifying and collecting data from multiple sources to perform extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) on it and finally build data models using SQL; Building mathematical models and using predictive methods and statistical techniques to analyze, manipulate and interpret large enterprise data in Excel, Python and R; Interpreting results from statistical models and providing actionable insights to customers through data reporting and visualization tools; Gathering and analyzing customer data architecture and business problems based on on-site interactions and recommending solutions; Working with cross-functional teams comprising IT and business stakeholders to ensure successful planning and execution of customer projects; Performing reliable SWOT analysis and remain fully informed on market trends, and implementing best practices; and Providing competitive analysis on various companies’ market offerings, identify market trends, pricing/business models, sales and methods of operation.

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