In 1994, Steve Jurvetson wrote, “bullet-proof digital cash technology, which is now emerging, can provide a protected cryptographic container for intellectual expression.” Nearly 30 years later, Steve invested in MobileCoin to help realize this vision.

Money rarely moves physically between banks. Instead, payments travel via exclusive networks of credits and debits between institutions, with each intermediary exerting control, spying on you, and taking a cut. This legacy system innovates at a snail’s pace and leaves 25% of the world’s adult population—1.7B people—out in the cold.

MobileCoin, on the other hand, is digital cash. We designed it with real people and real problems in mind. Our full stack solution enables you to send money directly in seconds, to anyone, anywhere in the world, more easily than ever. Our end-to-end encryption complies with the law and protects you from criminals and predatory corporations alike. Our product has already been integrated into Signal, a messenger app with similar attitudes towards privacy used by more than 100 million people. We also recently launched Moby, our consumer-facing payments app that lets you send money directly to anyone in seconds.  

At MobileCoin, we’re building the future we want to live in, a future free of corporate gatekeeping, where you take back control of your money and your data.

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