Mixtiles is a home design startup, we want the whole world to have homes they love.

Today, home design is kind of boring! All companies make the same products, with slightly different styles and prices. Not us! We bring tech, design and engineering to the challenge 🤓

We started with the world’s best way to put photos on walls. Simple yet powerful software, and frames that stick to walls. Now millions of people have homes full of beautiful memories, and we’ve become one of the largest photo companies in the world.

Then we got into art – why is it so hard to fill your home with amazing art? Software and engineering to the challenge! We’re working on the world’s best art service, launched 6 months ago, is growing like a weed, and we think it’s the future of art.

And plants! A home full of plants actually makes you feel better. But why do plants die all the time? Smart water systems to the saving! We built a team of engineers and agronomists to solve this problem for the world, once and for all.

And that’s just what we’re working on right now! More products are coming, and we won’t stop until everyone has a home they love.

We’re looking for a Product Technician,  out of the box & creative-thinker who is a Full Stack Maker with the discipline of a researcher. 

What will you do?

  • Plan and execute experiments for R&D
  • Summarize and present experiment results
  • Use our workshop to build and create tools and specimens for testing
  • Manage and operate our testing equipment
  • Design and execute 3d prints, as well as perform ongoing maintenance for a bunch of 3D printers
  • Source materials for R&D

Who should you be?

You are an individual who can take a short project from 0 to 1 on their own. You have both research and technical background. This means you are comfortable with handy work as well as precise planning of research driven experiments.

You have worked with 3D printers before and loves taking care of them. You are good with mechanical tools. You can cut, glue, drill, screw, solder and be a full stack maker.

You can work precisely and efficiently when it comes to doing repetitive manual work.

At least 2 years of prior experience in a similar position is a must.

This role is full-time, based at the Tel Aviv office, 100% onboard.

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