Mixtiles is a home design startup, we want the whole world to have homes they love.

Today, home design is kind of boring! All companies make the same products, with slightly different styles and prices. Not us! We bring tech, design and engineering to the challenge 🤓

We started with the world’s best way to put photos on walls. Simple yet powerful software, and frames that stick to walls. Now millions of people have homes full of beautiful memories, and we’ve become one of the largest photo companies in the world.

Then we got into art – why is it so hard to fill your home with amazing art? Software and engineering to the challenge! We’re working on the world’s best art service, launched 6 months ago, is growing like a weed, and we think it’s the future of art.

And plants! A home full of plants actually makes you feel better. But why do plants die all the time? Smart water systems to the saving! We built a team of engineers and agronomists to solve this problem for the world, once and for all.

And that’s just what we’re working on right now! More products are coming, and we won’t stop until everyone has a home they love.

Why do we need a VP HR?

We are looking for someone to make Mixtiles feel like the best place in the world to work. People should do hardcore things with people they love, feel like they’re hanging out in a great home, achieve more than they thought was possible, develop higher standards, better judgment, better ethics, and generally feel like working at Mixtiles is a great part of their life.

What would we ask of you?

To take responsibility for all of our Culture, Employee development, Welfare, HR operations & Recruiting. To build a great HR team. To protect our culture by pushing the organization to take hard tradeoffs in favor of our values. Founders aside, be the most important educator of our values to the company.

What can you ask of us?

Anything. We’ll give you whatever you need to succeed.

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