Our mission and life’s work as a team is very simple: we want to level the playing field so that any growing marketplace, retailer, and delivery app can go to platform scale, with amazingly optimized personalized search and product recommendations, but without any privacy risks. Our partners are able to scale both their catalogs and user base with us into the millions, with Miso’s real-time coldstart personalization systems quickly intuiting what shoppers want in just a few clicks. The end result is that every one of our partners has seen an average GMV lift of 10-20%, and the best part is that Miso doesn’t collect, store, or need any PII on shoppers and visitors. We don’t need to know who your customers are to understand what they want. 

To democratize this superpower we’ve built an end-to-end API platform which can power every part of a brand’s online retail strategy. Our APIs enable our enterprise eCommerce partners (i.e large marketplaces, retailers, delivery apps and media platforms) to quickly incorporate high performance, privacy-first search & recommendations capabilities into their websites. We’ve already processed almost 1 billion unique data points to power our models, and have personalized nearly 1 billion searches and product discovery recommendations in the last 10 months.

We’re a player-coach culture, meaning you will get to build and have ownership and input on a wide variety of projects. Join us as we build the next wave of the internet that brings performance, personalization, and privacy into a perfect balance!

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