Purpose and scope:

Production Technicians are responsible for assembling and testing manufactured goods before they are implemented for internal use or shipped to customers. They ensure products are working exactly as intended, and are free of defects or other issues. Production Technicians usually work as part of a larger team, frequently interacting with Manufacturing Engineer and Quality Assurance personnel.

Production Technician is a problem-solver and analytical thinker. They have exceptional attention to detail and a passion for producing quality, dependable work. 


Build and Test Assemblies

Production Technician builds and performs in-process testing of forklift battery chargers, related cable assemblies and accessory products. In addition, Production Technician also performs equipment set-up, operation, equipment adjustments and minor preventative maintenance tasks to meet all standards for safety, quality and efficiency.

Identify Problems and Suggest Improvements

In building and testing assemblies, the Production Technician identifies any problems, carries-out potential solutions or attempts to troubleshoot the issue using their technical knowledge.

Inspect Pre-built Products from CM for Quality and Specs Conformance

Production Technicians are responsible for maintaining quality standards by inspecting and testing in-process and finished products to ensure conformance with specifications and codes.

Perform Housekeeping, Work Place Organization (WPO) and 5S

Production Technicians performs housekeeping at the start and end of the shift or as more frequently required, maintains good Work Place Organization and adheres to 5S Lean Methodology

Education and Training:

  • Good motor skills and the ability to do fine assembly
  • Ability to perform efficient and effective visual inspection to detect defective parts and/or non-conforming products
  • Strong written and verbal English communication skills
  • Capable of working independently to a production schedule
  • Ability to read and carefully read instructions

“MEG” is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Motive Energy Group provides equal opportunity to all employees on the basis of individual qualification without regard to race, sex, religion, color, age, national origin, physical and mental disability, genetic information and history, sexual orientation, or other category protected by state or federal law. “MEG” does not discriminate in the recruitment, hiring, compensation, promotion, transfer, benefits, or any other condition of employment.

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