Motive Energy, based in Fountain Valley, CA offers Civil, Structural, Topographical Survey Services as well
as Construction Management Services for the Wireless & Cell Tower Industry. The company also builds
solar PV and energy storage projects.

The Structural Engineer will perform analysis of new and existing communication towers, antenna mounts
and their foundations, generate formal reports on tower capacity and recommend structural
modifications to failing towers or mounts to increase capacity. The engineer will analyze the capability of
existing rooftop structures to be able to handle the load of solar PV panels and work with racking
companies to specify the right configuration of steel and fastening mechanism. It is required to evaluate
structural loads on solar array support structures and buildings resulting from wind, seismic and other
sources. Prepare foundation designs for energy storage containers. Assist project managers by resolving
technical issuesrelating to structural loading. Provide inspection and troubleshooting in the field Interface
with civil works subcontractors and building authorities. Prepare calculations and drawings for permitting
and approvals in accordance with IBC and other applicable building codes. Support sales and proposal

Daily Responsibilities and Duties:
1. Review available structure and loading information to correctly model structures for analysis.
2. Recommend structural modifications to increase tower and foundation capacities.
3. Perform Structural Designs and Analysis Calculations for Wireless Telecommunications project
sites such as:
a. Rooftops Tenant Improvements (using RAMSBEAM and Risa3D)
b. Elevated Tanks (using Mathcad)
c. Monopole / Self‐support and Guyed Towers (using RISATower)
d. Deep Caisson Foundation Designs
4. Read, Analyze & Understand the specific project scope of work for the staring with the RFDS (RF
Data Sheet).
5. Attend & Perform site walks with the project manager and the customer whenever needed.
6. Perform structural mappings on rooftops and take measurements on sites and collect data from
the field sufficient to design the steel structure.

1. Mathematics
2. Operations analysis
3. Advanced computer skills
a. Proficiency with AutoCAD or Revit.
b. RisaTower / eriTower / TnxTower
c. RISA 3D
d. RamsBeam
e. Mathcad
f. L‐Pile4. Management of personnel resources
5. Quality control analysis
6. Maintain licenses.
7. Excellent verbal and written communications skills.
8. Strong analytical and problem‐solving skills.
9. Must be able to work independently or on a team in a high production environment.

Preferred education and training level:
1. Bachelor’s degree in civil/ structural engineering with experience in commercial construction and
structural evaluation of buildings is preferred. Professional Engineer (PE) license is required.
2. Structural Engineering: 4 years (Preferred)
3. AutoCAD/Revit: 4 years (Preferred)
4. Mathcad: 4 years (Preferred)
5. RISA 3D: 4 years (Preferred)
6. 2‐years’ experience in telecommunications design preferred (cell towers, wireless A&E designs,
structural detailing, and/or construction documentation in the cell tower industry).
7. 4‐years’ experience in Structural design, fabrication drawings or any Tenant Improvement
projects can be used to substitute for the above‐mentioned experience requirements

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