Mintel is a dynamic global business that has been leading and shaping the market intelligence industry since 1972. At Mintel, our purpose is to  help people and businesses grow

We do this through our predictive analytics and expertise of consumers, markets, new products and competitive landscapes, supporting the world's leading consumer facing companies to understand what consumers want and why. 

We are only successful when our clients are successful as they receive value from our service, and continue to partner with us on a recurring basis.

About this role

This sales manager will be responsible for driving the revenue growth of one of  our account teams based in London, whose focus is on retaining, expanding and growing a prestigious portfolio, including some of the world’s leading consumer brands in personal finance, investment and professional services.

We are a successful team and value learning and collaborating to achieve the extraordinary and actively uncovering and solving challenges together on our path to continued growth. 

The success of this role is measured by long-term revenue retention and revenue growth.

What you’ll be doing

Foster a culture of learning, collaboration and ambition

  • Coaching, mentoring, motivating a high producing sales team, and in doing so generating industry leading client retention, growth and expansion in line with monthly, quarterly and annual targets
  • Assisting in the recruiting, staffing and training to grow and maintain a sales team
  • Leading by example and effortlessly pivoting between player and coach
  • Inspiring new sales strategies, techniques and tactics
  • Assist sales team with all aspects of the sales cycle
  • Coach and provide feedback to the sales team in the areas of sales/personal development, direction and focus

Innovative and Data-savvy

  • Define and implement team metrics and KPIs to measure and continually optimize performance, improve efficiency and effectiveness of sales programmes 
  • Manage productivity, funnel of opportunities and quality to ensure teams meet established goals and standards
  • Conduct weekly pipeline and forecast review and quarterly progress review sessions with each representative
  • Ensure high adoption and compliance of all sales tools, strategies  and technologies
  • Report and recommend to sales team and leadership on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis - incl closed revenue, forecast, activity and performance metrics


  • Building and maintaining strong, long-lasting client relationships by having  a deep understanding of their business and strategic objectives
  • Act as senior sponsor of specific accounts and nurture c-suite relationships
  • Execute Mintel’s core client servicing strategy with each client and adapt appropriately to each client’s core business objectives

Inspire sales growth across the company and alignment with

  • Client Success on retention strategies
  • Marketing around lead generation and account marketing to existing clients
  • Product around existing and new features, enhancements and releases 
  • Analysts and Consulting to ensure capabilities are mapped to client needs
  • Commercial leadership to inform our client feedback loop and voice of client of industry

We Are Looking For People Who Are:

  • Strong leader & people smart: You are an excellent manager and leader,with  proven experience. You have the ability to visualise a better future state, get others to join in the journey, and achieve results. You possess the willingness to get into the detail of every sale with everyone on your team
  • Commercially-minded: You have a proven track record of delivering return on investment and achieving sales targets both individually and when leading a team.
  • Short and long-term focused: You have an understanding of the immediacy of winning this month’s team sales results, while making the appropriate adjustments to ensure the same for the next 6-12 months.
  • Coach: You develop and boost the team’s confidence around the necessary basic sales skills, as well as coach on emerging techniques. You coach what you know, but also provoke new ideas and thinking and have formal and informal processes for coaching individuals. You help individuals understand how their role fits into the broader organisation.
  • Knowledgeable in client growth: You have experience with a strategic, solution-based sales model and will have consistently delivered exceptional results. An entrepreneurial approach to developing commercial opportunities is required. 
  • Committed to Personal Growth: You are committed to continuous learning and growth, constantly pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone to develop your skill set.
  • Naturally curious: You are naturally curious and great at navigating client conversations, asking second and third level questions to get at the heart of clients’ challenges and goals.
  • Humble: You are humble, yet confident. You willingly admit when you need help, and you know how and when to utilize the resources and people around you. You are also willing to share your own knowledge for the benefit of the team.
  • Self-Directed: You take initiative to solve problems and uncover opportunities, and you are eager to take ownership and accountability for the success of the programs you develop. You have proven ability to balance big-picture thinking with daily details and deliverables.
  • Great Communicator: You have extremely professional verbal and written communication skills, and can adapt your communication style to suit each client and internal business partner.
  • Tech & Data-savvy: You are quick to learn new technologies and have experience with sales modernisation tools, as an example Salesforce, Mix Panel, SalesLoft, Gong and Groove with a bias for data-driven decisions 


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