Mintel is in search of an experienced consumer research and market analyst to join the India Reports team, focusing on Consumer Lifestyles topics. Mintel India Reports are syndicated market intelligence reports synthesizing primary and secondary data to provide a forward-looking view of a particular consumer market or lifestyle trend. A key part of the report is identifying important local and global trends (and why) and discussing the business implications for the India market.

You will need to be dedicated to quality, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your work to elevate Mintel as a top consumer insights company. You will be naturally curious and great at navigating internal and external data, asking second and third level questions to see the patterns behind data and craft expert analysis to be used by clients. The ability to take the initiative to solve problems and uncover opportunities will be part of your self-sufficient work ethic and self-motivated entrepreneurial spirit. You will welcome working in a fast-paced environment and be comfortable managing and prioritizing multiple projects at once.

This position will require you to be a born organizer, who naturally seeks out opportunities to collaborate with peers within your department and across the organization, ultimately to elevate our clients’ experience. You will also be a creative lateral thinker, an intuitive dot-connector, and have experience weaving compelling narratives out of disparate facts across a wide range of categories to deliver new insight.

What You Will Be Doing:

1. Creating insightful, topic- based reports:

  • Writing at least 12 syndicated reports per year that combine consumer data with secondary research on consumer market trends and innovations, to create a full picture of consumer needs, behaviours and spending habits. You will be responsible for the full report from defining the report scope, identifying key issues, designing consumer research, conducting trade interviews, analysing data through to producing the final report.
  • Developing new insights that have meaningful business implications using strong business acumen. This includes networking with Mintel’s global key analysts to stay informed about latest global trends, and using a combination of consumer, market, and manufacturing data to create forward-looking analyses.
  • Identifying Key Market Trends: You will pinpoint trends and developments within the Consumer products and services markets and analyse all of your combined data holistically.
  • Building Strong Relationships: You will be collaborating with a wide range of colleagues across the company to include the global and regional Insights teams, the Consumer Research and Data Analytics team, as well as the commercial side of the business, our consulting division and several other teams.
  • Developing Quantitative Consumer Surveys and Qualitative Exercises: You will create online surveys and discussion panels to meet research objectives.

2. Managing publishing administration

  • You will establish effective and efficient report schedule for each year, to be constantly updated and shared with key stakeholders, to ensure publishing schedule deadlines are kept across the India Consumer Reports team.
  • Work with the Digital Publishing team (eg proofers, designers, translators, etc) to finalise report deliverables (including translated content, infographic design, databooks) and ensure consistent workloads and production and publishing deadline compliance.
  • This role will also involve reviewing (QCing) other analyst/freelancer’s work once qualified for content production.

3. Client support & PR

  • Work with Mintel’s Marketing/PR activities teams to ensure delivery of Marketing and external PR content (eg articles, op-eds, etc) and webinars.
  • Be the point of coordination for our India commercial team for client service requests on India consumer reports.
  • Promote Mintel’s brand in the marketplace by supporting marketing and PR activities (eg media interviews, etc) upon training.

Who we are looking for: 

  • A Researcher: You should have at least 5 years’ proven expertise in a relevant research, marketing, shopper or consumer insights, branding or consulting role within the consumer products and/or services space. You have the ability to identify patterns in data, and understand what these patterns mean for consumers and brands. You should have experience working with syndicated sales data and syndicated consumer research. You will also have strong knowledge of the India market and global consumer trends, overseas studying and working experience would be a plus (a bachelor’s degree is preferred).
  • A Skilled Writer: You are able to observe brand and consumer activity from a wide range of categories to create compelling stories of how broader consumer trends are evolving and be able to create content that excites and inspires audiences with the latest trend thinking.
  • A Lateral Thinker: You have an open and global mind-set that enables you to spot innovations from a wide range of sectors and markets to see how broader trends and themes are emerging, to analyse and apply critical, logical thinking to unravel key trends.
  • Commercially Minded: You are dedicated to quality, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your work to elevate Mintel as a top consumer insights company.
  • Naturally Curious: You are naturally curious and great at navigating internal and external data, asking second and third level questions to see the patterns behind data to craft expert analysis to be used by clients.
  • Self-Directed: You take initiative to solve problems and uncover opportunities. You have a self-sufficient work ethic; entrepreneurial in spirit and are naturally self-motivated. You welcome the ability to work in a fast-paced environment and work autonomously to manage and prioritize multiple projects at once.
  • Detailed Organiser: You will have strong organisational skills, with an eye for detail and comfortable holding responsibility for setting schedules and keeping to deadlines.
  • Great Communicator: You have extremely polished verbal and written communication skills, and can adapt your communication style to internal and external partners. You speak clearly, concisely, and present yourself with confidence. You will have excellent English writing and speaking skills and business level Hindi and/or another Indian language.
  • A Collaborator: You bring an energy to the table that encourages and develops internal relationships. You seek out opportunities to collaborate with peers in your department and across the organization. Once COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted, you may need to spend 3-4 weeks overseas (eg Singapore or UK) as part of induction; moving forward travel is expected to be 10% of the role.

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