The Senior Account Executive (SAE) participates in a virtual account team-selling environment, providing the Prospect/Customer with the primary point of contact and relationship owner within Minitab. In this capacity, the SAE will assume the ownership role for their assigned enterprise accounts and territory while driving the identification and qualification of new sales opportunities, developing and executing account & opportunity plans leading to the generation of both new business (new logo, cross-sell, upsell, consulting & training) and renewal business via software product license/subscriptions and service offerings. In addition, the SAE will facilitate and maintain successful relationships with customers, which will be measured by their reference ability, Net Promoter Score, customer satisfaction levels and increased annual recurring revenue levels. Expected travel for on-site meetings with customers, prospects, and partners is 50-70%.


  1. Responsibilities:


  1. Account Management
  • Implement and execute effective account plans to ensure maximum penetration (wallet share) of assigned enterprise customer accounts.
  • Build strong customer references by consistently setting realistic expectations through every phase of the Minitab’s Customer Engagement Lifecycle (CEL) and ensuring the virtual team is meeting if not exceeding them.
  • Develop an extensive knowledge base of all assigned enterprise accounts, both existing customer and prospects, including their business profile, key decision makers & mobilizers, competitive landscape, application and technology footprint, buying processes, compelling events, political environment and corporate level strategies.
  • Utilize the Minitab Account Plan for his/her top 10 target accounts (customer and prospect) within his/her territory, keeping it constantly up-to-date and sharing its content with virtual account team members.
  • Within each account, seek to expand and strengthen Minitab’s presence by establishing proactive relationships with influential people, both within the customer across multiple functional areas and levels, as well as appropriate third parties including partners.
  • Coordinate, attend and participate in appropriate customer team meetings with your virtual account team members to ensure the deployment and optimization of ongoing value creation.


  1. Opportunity Management
  • Identify, qualify. and close new sales opportunities through the successful execution of the discovery and assessment phases within Minitab’s CEL.
  • Effectively position Minitab to win new business within the account by developing, communicating. and driving effective sales strategies that are based on customer-specific value propositions by teaching for differentiation and tailoring for resonance.
  • Utilize the Minitab Opportunity Plan as needed to routinely update, discuss and collaborate your customer/prospect’s unique value proposition and related sales strategy with the virtual account team, as well as Minitab sales management.
  • Maintain an accurate and timely pipeline of opportunities (prospects and suspects) within the CRM system with full adherence to the opportunity guidelines.
  • Provide Minitab sales management with accurate and timely sales forecasts within the CRM system to ensure proper visibility for effective resource planning and expense management within Minitab.
  • Continuously gather, document. and share competitive intelligence on how to position Minitab solutions more effectively.
  • Leverage and effectively communicate Minitab’s full solutions analytics portfolio and services to broaden Minitab’s presence and create new opportunities.
  • Effectively position and include onboarding and deployment services for new logo and cross-sell customers to ensure higher customer satisfaction and maximum consumption and adoption.


  1. Territory Management
  • Manage all assigned enterprise accounts with a franchise mentality strategy of constantly planting, cultivating. and harvesting within the territory.
  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all accounts, including opportunities, contacts. and history within CRM.
  • Develop multiple accounts across market segments, industries. and solution use cases, that are willing to provide references, case studies, speaking participation in Minitab events and webinars.
  • Support (through direct and active participation) all Minitab promotions and customer events.
  • Develop annual territory plans for your territory including timely and accurate quarterly updates.


  1. Account Team Leadership
  • Assemble and lead an effective virtual account team, including Solution Architects, for all assigned enterprise customers and prospects.
  • Lead and participate in internal virtual account team planning meetings to ensure successful execution of strategies and action items as well as debriefing sessions to review lessons learned.
  • Participate in transition meetings within the account through the deployment and optimization phases of Minitab’s CEL, to ensure proper and consistent communication with customer as well as ensuring “one face” to the Customer.
  • Proactively seek to contribute to Minitab’s growth objectives by providing mentoring and coaching as needed to other members of the sales team, new members of your virtual account team, as well as to any new Minitab employees.
  • Effectively coordinate, communicate and manage all partner related activities within account as necessary.


  1. Personal Development
  • Fully engage and absorb all Minitab provided sales enablement content (Lessonly and Belt Certification) with the approach that you will never know everything you need to know.
  • Develop an Individual Business Plan that will include your business and personal goals including objectives for growth within Minitab and your overall career. Discuss, confirm. and review this Plan on a regular basis with your manager.
  • Continue to build and grow personal knowledge foundation as detailed below in bullet 4.
  • Seek out sources, content, knowledge outside of Minitab provided enablement regarding general business trends, career advice, etc. that will increase your overall business acumen as a professional sales executive.


  1. Administrative Management
  • Fully comply with all published Minitab personnel, security, sales, travel & expense, and contract policies.
  • Ensure all information within CRM is updated accurately and timely in full compliance with Minitab’s CEL, pipeline and forecasting guidelines.
  • Accurately complete in a timely manner expense reports in compliance with Minitab’s documented travel and expense policy.
  • Maintain appropriate levels of involvement in customer issues requiring resolution, including invoices, billings, and accounts receivables.


  1. Measures:


  1. Account Management
  • General satisfaction level of Customers as represented thru Customer Satisfaction Survey and Net Promoter Score.
  • At least 2 sponsors across IT, Business & Six Sigma teams developed in top 10 key accounts.
  • Number of exclusive “Why Not Minitab?” evaluations with customers
  • Planning Partner or Trusted advisor status reached in top 10 key accounts.
  • Account Plans in place for top 10 key accounts.
  • Cumulative Quarterly Scorecard > 3.0


  1. Opportunity Management
  • Successful execution of CEL and adherence to CSF completion
  • Opportunity Plans in place for all opportunities per CEL guidelines.
  • Exceed quarterly and annual sales quotas > 100%.
  • Quality and quantity of opportunities in both annual & quarterly total and weighted pipeline for new business (3x and 1.5x respectively).
  • Renewal rate of >92.5% for renewal business
  • 60% Win – Loss ratio for new business opportunities
  • Average deal size > 35K
  • Forecast Accuracy > 90%
  • Cumulative Quarterly Scorecard > 3.0


  1. Territory Management
  • Well prepared and detailed Territory Annual Plan and Quarterly updates.
  • Minimum of 50% MUL Customer Reference Accounts
  • Minimum of 2 Customers willing to participate in Minitab events, webinars, case studies, etc.
  • Minimum 33% of Customer participation in Customer Insights events.
  • Rolling 12-month Pipeline and Weighted pipeline coverage of 3x and 1.5x respectively for new business.
  • Cumulative Quarterly Scorecard > 3.0


  1. Account Team Leadership
  • Effective leadership of Solution team members and other virtual account team resources via ongoing communication of strategy and action plans utilizing the Account and Opportunity Plans.
  • Efficient utilization of Solution team members and other virtual account team resources in the field.
  • Thought leadership contribution to virtual account teams, R&D & Marketing.
  • Successful mentoring and coaching of new and existing employees.
  • Cumulative Quarterly Scorecard >3.0


  1. Personal Development
  • Positive feedback from new and existing employees for mentoring and coaching.
  • Demonstrated growth of professional knowledge: Minitab, Solutions, Customers, Competition, and Industry including presentations to teams,
  • Successful completion of enablement and developmental objectives as per Lessonly assignments and Belt Certification program.
  • Achievement of goals outlined in your individual business plan, as well as objectives defined in your sales performance assessment.


  1. Administrative Management
  • Limited number of exception-based agreements (i.e., discounts, terms, extensions, etc.)
  • CRM information updated no later than end of week, Friday 5pm EST.
  • Less than 10% customers with AR status > 30 days outstanding.
  • All expense reports submitted by end of month.
  • Within 8 hours of P.O receipt and signed contract, all necessary paperwork submitted to order desk and finance.
  • Cumulative Quarterly Scorecard >3.0


  1. Knowledge:
  • Minitab’s Market
  • Minitab’s Solutions Analytics (all products and services)
  • Key Minitab Industries, their Drivers, Problems we solve and Value we create
  • Customer’s Company- wide goals, strategies, and objectives
  • Enterprise Level Account Strategy
  • Minitab’s Customer Engagement Lifecycle (CEL)
  • Minitab’s Account Plan
  • Minitab’s Opportunity Plan
  • Minitab’s Competitive landscape


  1. Skills:
  • Ability to “Connect the Dots” (Aligning how the technology drives value at the business level)
  • Teaching for Differentiation
  • Tailoring for Resonance
  • Qualification
  • Orchestration
  • Negotiation
  • Closing
  • Planning and Time Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Relationship Building at all levels, Executive, Technical and Business User
  • Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills


  1. Attributes:
  • Accountability
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Collaborative
  • Knowledge Driven
  • Passion
  • Goal & Results Oriented
  • Highly Competitive
  • Political & Business Savvy
  • Strong Work Ethic & Discipline


  1. Experience: 5+ years of successful enterprise software sales experience in information technology market required with average deal size greater than 100K ACV. Consistent achievement of 100%+ on assigned quotas. Previous success in handling large (1B -10B USD) enterprise accounts over lengthy sales cycles (6-12 months) in a fast-paced, consultative, and competitive market strongly advised. Business Intelligence and or Statistical Analytics experience is a plus.


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