MindGym is a pioneer with brilliant IP, market disrupting products and a gold-plated roster of clients who say they 'love' us. The problem is that no-one knows.

We are looking for a super smart, hungry marketeer to make MindGym famous by using our content to shape the debate and change the way the world thinks.

Our target market is:

  1. A) CEOs and CHROs of the US and UK's largest companies who are unconvinced that what they are doing is working but don't know what the alternative is
  2. B) The 500k professionals in these companies who come to a MindGym live/digital programme each year

Our marketing strategy is avowedly content led. Our team of behaviour scientists have identified both why current approaches don't work and what to do that will, in areas as wide-ranging as leadership, well-being, ethics, diversity & inclusion, respect and productivity. We have evidence-based views on every hot workplace topic, hybrid being the most current, and useful contributions to make on the big issues of the day from loneliness to fake news and the erosion of trust. We should be shaping the debate in the C-suite and beyond.

At the same time as leading the thinking with business leaders we need to look the business for our 500k users/members.

We have recently developed a new identity with the guidance of Pentagram but have yet to translate this into a look and feel that makes coming to MindGym irresistible.

As the Marketing leader (we're open to discussing with you the title) you would be expected to:

A) develop and execute a content-led strategy that:

  • Greatly accelerates the number and quality of leads coming into the business
  • Dramatically increases our online presence and the quality of web traffic from the 'court of HR'
  • Deepens our relationship with CHROs and their deputies with an active programme of roundtables, summits and other live experiences 

B) build and implement an irresistible look and feel for all our participant/member facing experiences, starting with digital.

If you are the right person for this role you will:

  • be fascinated by what we do and have read/listened to/watched many of the leading thinkers in this area 
  • love words and know how to craft and edit copy so it sings
  • have a great eye for what looks modern and delicious 
  • have brilliant followers having led a dynamic and highly successful B2B marketing team in an intellectual / thinky space
  • be ambitious and see how to seize this opportunity to accelerate MindGym's growth, redefine the market and transform the lives of millions of people across the world.

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