Senior Field Researcher

The Field Researcher is the team's eyes and ears on-the-ground in each of our local markets for continuously understanding our users and the world in which they live. You are responsible for localizing research projects to ensure effective execution. You'll plan, manage, and conduct local qualitative and quantitative fieldwork and market research as well as train and lead both internal and external interviewers and surveyors. You’ll also assist in user testing and feedback collection from the field, help recruit research participants, generate prototypes, manage the usability lab, and ensure that the team has everything they need to smoothly run research studies and user testing sessions.


  • Propose an appropriate, localized field methodology (where and how to run the study) and protocol based on project brief
  • Run field projects from planning through data collection and analysis and synthesis
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative fieldwork and market research including observational studies, in-context interviews, FGDs, and surveys
  • Run usability tests with local users to support the product design feedback loop
  • Translate and administer questionnaires, surveys, and interviews
  • Prepare user research activities, including recruiting and screening participants and scheduling research sessions
  • Handle research operations tasks (securing permits, generating permission and release forms, preparing incentives, and purchasing gear and equipment)
  • Effectively communicate research data using writing, visuals, and verbal communication in English
  • Build a sufficiently trusted local team in the target geography. Assess and recruit local hires, recruit participants, and build out a local network.
  • Work closely with UX researchers to understand the research objectives and be able to communicate it to the field research team

Minimum Qualifications

  • 5+ years of applied research experience in technology or digital consumer products
  • Degree in behavioral sciences (e.g. psychology, anthropology, sociology) or equivalent professional experience.
  • Experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods and techniques, especially fieldwork, in-context interviews, and surveys
  • Experience developing and running usability tests
  • End-to-end experience with all aspects of the research lifecycle (study design, recruitment, moderation, analysis, reporting).
  • Fieldwork experience in emerging markets
  • Ability to put participants at ease, knows how to listen, and teases out stories
  • Detail-oriented and ability to work independently on and manage a variety of tasks and projects
  • Excellent communication skills, presentation skills and organization skills
  • English communication required
  • Able to have flexible working hours (regular business hours + some evenings and weekends depending on the research schedule).

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience managing internal and external research teams

Portfolio Required

      When you apply, please submit a portfolio that include 3-5 examples that showcase the research across a wide range of methodologies. (especially field-based ones)

  1. Research purpose and objectives
  2. Research methodology
  3. Your role and responsibilities
  4. Example output

**English Resume is required when you apply!


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