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Note from the Migo Recruitment Team: 

Hi, there! We are a team of recruiters from Manila, Philippines and we are excited to have you on board! We are still in the process of studying the Indonesian language and culture, so we would truly appreciate it if you attach an English version of your resume in the meantime for us to fully understand your work experience.



As part of the Availability Team, the Technical Assessor closely works with the Field Intelligence Coordinator and Route to Market Engineer and is primarily responsible for conducting on-ground host-level technical assessments and area connectivity tests to ensure macro and micro Migo Download Station (MDS) operational feasibility. The role is a key contributor in facilitating scheduling and dispatching activities related to operational feasibility assessments.


  • Host Technical Assessment
    • Conduct host technical assessment to ensure overall store/establishment feasibility of hosting MDS assets
    • Ingest real time technical assessment data on a per store basis
  • Macro Area Connectivity Testing
    • Conduct connectivity tests to assess overall network latency of detected macro areas of interest
  • Dispatching Support
    • Facilitate task scheduling, task assignment, and route planning of host technical assessment and macro area connectivity testing activities
    • Coordinate with Host Account Supervisors in scheduling hosts for technical assessment
    • Coordinate weekly route plans with Field Intelligence Coordinator and Route to Market Engineer
  • Data Management
    • Conduct quality assurance checks on all ingested data
    • Generate periodic operational reports


  • At least 1-2 years of field experience in site assessment involving various technical or non-technical criteria-based inspection, which may be guided or aided by computer hardware equipment, real time, on-ground data ingest, and dispatching support
  • Proven track record of immersion in the telecommunication industry, or any related field, as on-ground site feasibility or hardware installation support interfacing with data capture and field force management software
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills and adaptability towards broad ranges of stakeholders
  • Has an associate degree/certification in computer hardware servicing, electromechanical technology, or any related fields of study
  • Proficiency in MS Office and written & verbal English

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