Migo has built disruptive technology that radically drops the cost of distributing digital content to the mass market, unlocking a $150 billion global revenue opportunity. The company has invested tens of millions of dollars to develop an end-to-end solution with a cost structure 500x cheaper than existing technologies and extremely compelling unit-level economics.

Migo's first product is sachet (pre-paid, small denomination) movies-to-go where consumers can download content via Migo Download Stations (MDS) hosted at convenient retail locations.

Its founder and CEO is Barrett Comiskey. As an MIT undergrad, he developed E Ink, the technology behind the Amazon Kindle e-reader, which has since delivered billions of e-books and revolutionized the print industry.The company has completed dozens of trials where users spent an average of 4 hours of daily viewing and is now on the cusp of large-scale rollout in the Philippines, with rollout in Indonesia to follow and additional markets thereafter.

We are on the hunt for talented individuals to join our team of Imagineers! Check out our openings below.

*If you cannot find an opening that suits your background but would love to be part of the team, please apply via ,"General Application" for the different countries we operate in. We want to get to know you more!

Current Job Openings


Sr Content Marketing Specialist
Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia


General Application-Jakarta
Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
General Application-Manila
Manila, Manila, Philippines
General Application-Taipei
Taipei City, Taipei City, Taiwan


Marketing Specialist
Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia


Product Manager
Taipei City, Taipei City, Taiwan

Supply Chain

Localization Specialist
Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia


Office Administrator
Taipei City, Taipei City, Taiwan