Bottom line up front:

  • Early-stage digital health company, have raised a $12 million seed round, searching for experienced and generalist Software Engineers to work on front-end, back-end, mobile work streams. 
  • Co-Founders are seasoned operators who’ve built and grown companies before. 
  • Salaries at the top of benchmarks, with significant equity ownership. 
  • Founders believe in Engineering as instrumental to building the experiences we want to deliver, both in terms of code output and partnership with design and product.
  • Miga Health helps people lead longer, healthier lives, using at-home blood pressure monitoring, telemedicine, mail-order pharmacy, and lifestyle coaching. 
  • Remote team from day one, supporting time zones from New York to Sydney (GMT +10 ← GMT -4).


What will I do?

We exist to prevent heart attacks and strokes, and reduce suffering and death. Fundamentally that is what you will do, too! The problem is complex and mind bendingly difficult, but if you’re a purpose-driven individual who likes challenges, then you’ll love working at Miga Health.

As a Software Engineer you will report directly to our Co-Founder (Dre) to architect and build our native mobile application, backend services, and wearable integrations. Dre is a multiple time CTO and software engineer by training and has grown teams and built engineering cultures before. Because of this, we understand the value that software engineers bring to the table. We’re excited for the technical output you will bring, but also for your participation in product decisions alongside the rest of our team.

We have two technical folks on the team so far, and we are writing our first lines of code in late May 2022. We’ve been knee deep in consumer research trying to validate some key assumptions about the business before we invest in software. We’re emerging from this intensive research sprint and are now ready to build.

Some of the things you’ll do:

  • Write a lot of code to get our initial product released, so we can begin experimentation to find product market fit.
  • Wear many hats and write code for web, mobile, backend, infrastructure, devops, and wearable integrations.
  • Make key architectural decisions that will be pillars of the engineering organization for years to come.
  • Make key stack and operating norms decisions that will set the foundation for our engineering team both technically and culturally.
  • Set the bar for engineers who join Miga Health, and help to grow the team of software engineers required to make our vision a reality.
  • Partner with the team to progress our research agenda including talking to customers, prototyping ideas, and testing competitor products.


What is Miga Health looking for?

tldr; Excited about a blank slate (no legacy code!), have 3+ years of real software development work, experience with native development, comfortable with rapid prototyping, and throwing code away.

  • You have been delivering code to a production environment for 3+ years in a commercial setting with real users.
  • You have started a codebase from nothing in the past (side project, or work) and are comfortable with that.
  • We’re building a native mobile experience so you should have experience and opinions on which tools to use for the build ahead (React Native, Flutter, Swift/Java, etc.)
  • We’re in a rapid experimentation stage and you need to handle incredible amounts of ambiguity, change, and uncertainty. That means we will probably throw code away, and that should excite you.
  • You don’t need to have any experience working in heart health or even healthcare. We welcome anyone who can help us think differently and creatively about the problem space.
  • You’re a purpose-driven individual who likes challenges, and wants to be part of building a healthcare future that doesn’t leave anyone behind.
  • You’re comfortable asking the hard questions, even when it’s uncomfortable.
  • You sweat the pixels on implementation, but don’t let great get in the way of good.
  • You work quickly, but push back on timelines when needed.
  • You’re a system thinker that considers how decisions impact the company tomorrow.


Does Miga Health support remote work?

We are building an exceptional team and seek out the best talent across the world. We have been remote-first from day one and support time zones from New York to Sydney. We do have an office in San Francisco for those in the Bay Area and for regular off-sites.


Who is Miga Health?

At Miga Health, we are building the future of heart health. We exist to help people lead the long, healthy lives they deserve, by preventing the next million heart attacks and strokes.

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for 1 in 3 deaths. What’s crazy is that 80% of premature heart attacks and strokes are preventable, so the opportunity for improvement is astounding. 

Our founders are purpose-driven and values aligned, and we will spend a good portion of our interview process trying to understand where your values lie. We strive everyday to build a culture where people aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions, challenge the unacceptable, and always think about how consumers will feel. 

We’ve just raised a large seed round, and are in that fun phase of rapid experimentation, which means we’re looking for people who are comfortable with ambiguity, change, and uncertainty. 

We’ve been remote-first since day one, and are accepting applications from people who are based in time zones between New York and Sydney (GMT +10 ← GMT -4). 


What is Miga Health building?

We are building a heart health platform that will combine world-class consumer product with innovative and rigorous healthcare delivery. At the outset this will include at-home blood pressure monitoring, delivered through a native mobile experience, and coupled with telemedicine consultations, labs, and mail-order pharmacy.


Who is Miga Health’s customer?

We put the consumer at the center of everything we do, constantly asking ourselves the question — “how does this person feel?” 

To that end, we’ve conducted dozens and dozens of interviews with people to learn about their lives living with cardiovascular disease. All these interviews have been recorded and transcribed, and we’ve synthesized them into insights (in Dovetail) that we can share with you as part of any interview process. We’ve also interviewed many primary care physicians and cardiologists.


How does Miga Health approach compensation?

We are big believers in providing excellent compensation to everyone on the team as we build the future of heart health. 

  • We offer salaries at the top of the benchmarks you’d find for senior roles at big name companies (from and other sources). 
  • We provide equity to all employees regardless of role or location. Importantly, because you’d be one of the first few teammates, the size of any equity grant will be significant.


What benefits does Miga Health offer?

We are embarking on an ambitious journey and are committed to providing generous benefits, even at this early stage. 

  • We cover 100% of health, dental, and vision premiums, and 75% of any dependents.
  • We provide a 401(k) plan and FSA.
  • Work remotely and design your days how you like.
  • Face to face offsite in San Francisco every 3-months, with flights and lodging paid for.
  • Unlimited PTO, where you’re truly offline — no meetings, messages or work.
  • A powerful Macbook Pro to do your best work.


What does the interview process look like?

  1. Meet Dre (Co-Founder)
    1. The goal of the conversation is to explore whether a partnership may be a good fit for both parties. If we’re all excited about continuing, we’ll send you a bunch of materials about the problem, our company and our research, and book you in for the next steps. 
  2. Conduct a HackerRank at-home coding assessment
    1. We’re not going to quiz you on Dijkstra's algorithm, or ask you to balance a red-black tree., but we will want to assess your core coding competency.
  3. Meet Dre and Rhys (Founding Software Engineer)
    1. The goal of this converastion is to walk through some big technical decisions you've had to make, in previous roles and projects.
  4. Learn about each others values
    1. We want to understand more about what makes you tick, and to that end, we’ve written a set of questions that we ask you to fill out in writing. Jarrad, Dre, and all Miga Health teammates have answered those same questions (Jarrad and Dre used them to vet one another as Co-Founders). When you’ve finished your writing, you can send us your answers, and we’ll send you ours. We then jump on a call to chat through anything that is worth discussing. 
    2. At this stage, you’ll also be able to meet any other people on the team that you want to chat with about their experiences with Miga Health. 
  5. Final steps
    1. We’ll do a few reference checks with people that you’ve worked with in the past, and discuss any other remaining questions that you or we have.


How do I learn more or apply?

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