Metric Theory

Media.Monks is on a mission to create a new future for this industry. Our vision? Build everything with a belief that changing for good comes from changing who does the work. Yep, that means you. Welcome to the party—one global, cross-cultural collective with a passion for using our skills to create better and a better world. That’s how we’re able to connect the dots between data, content, digital media, and technology from everywhere we are—a true end-to-end model. Joining the Media.Monks collective means having the opportunity to create award-winning work with some of the most gifted, focused, joyful, talents from all over the world.

In January 2021, Metric Theory merged with Media.Monks in order to expand our services offering and increase our visibility in the advertising space. Media.Monks strives to help our talented people to grow their careers in the industry. We can promise you regular digital marketing training led by our own lecturers and guest speakers. Our teams of talented marketers will help your skills grow faster and further through collaboration and knowledge sharing while working on client accounts. In addition, we are committed to fostering a culture that considers the whole person and promoting two-way dialogue, whether it is with your cross-channel team, manager, or leadership. Most importantly, our emphasis on extending empathy and compassion to each other and our clients is what sets our company apart.

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