MetaBank, N.A.

MetaBank: A Financial Enablement Company

As the world's economy redefines itself, one constant remains: the growing divide between those with access to the full benefits of the financial system and those who are outside. Many people who reside at the lower end of the economic spectrum — those performing the hard work at the heart of the real economy — are seeking financial stability, pathways towards upward mobility, and a chance to participate in the economic engine they are helping create.  

There are people and organizations at the heart of the real economy who need access to the same kinds of financial products and tools often taken for granted by many but frequently unavailable to them; tools that help them adapt to changing social norms, bank accounts that allow them to buy online, or access to responsible credit that aids in their ability to grow and prosper. This void is driven in large part by barriers imposed by traditional financial institutions. MetaBank is striving to remove these points of friction and provide economic on-ramps to underserved individuals and organizations. 

MetaBank is a financial enablement company who works with innovators to increase financial availability, choice, and opportunity for all. We strive to remove barriers that traditional institutions put in the way of financial access, and promote economic mobility by providing responsible, secure, high quality financial products that contribute to the social benefit of communities at the core of the real economy.  

MetaBank works to disrupt traditional banking norms by developing partnerships with fintechs and finservs, affinity groups, government agencies, and other banks to make a range of quality financial products and services available to the communities we serve. Our national bank charter, coordination with regulators, and deep understanding of risk mitigation and compliance allows us to guide our partners and deliver the financial products and services that meet the needs of those who need them most.  

Current Job Openings

465-EFT Operations

EFT Support I

473-Credit Risk Oversight


610-Client Success

617-Partner Engagement

620-Credit Portfolio Mgmt

656-Acquiring Solutions

662-Operations Admin

664-Consumer Customer Svc

669-Tech Admin

670-Financial Operations

701-IT Infrastructure

710-IT Engineering

892-People and Culture


Tax Accountant
Troy, Michigan, United States


915-CM Equipment Finance

920-CF Admin

Support Services Admin II
Dallas, Texas, United States

922-CM Structured Finance

932-CM Commercial Capital

933-CM Business Credit

951-Consumer Ind Lending