What is Menyala?

We are a venture building team founded by Temasek, a global investment firm headquartered in Singapore. Currently operating as a single cross-functional strategy and business startup team, Menyala has a 2-pronged mission:

  1. Create repeatable methodology and capabilities to turn ideas into scalable industry-leading ventures in the realm of decentralized technologies; and
  2. Launch pioneering ventures by end 2022 that drive exponential value for people in a new wave of previously unimaginable businesses and business models.

Growth Architects are responsible for creating and validating growth strategies and tactics for potential ideas and concepts within our venture-build teams. You will develop evidence-based strategies to bring a new concept, product, or service to market and establish sustainable growth.

In this role, you’ll need to

  • Develop growth hypotheses to define go-to-market strategies for new business concepts developed by the team, incorporate insights from design, product, and commercial workstreams
  • Conduct market-facing experiments to validate key assumptions surrounding market gaps, value propositions, and growth metrics such as conversion and retention rates
  • Collaborate with strategy, design, research and product to evaluate customer lifetime values and customer acquisition costs for new products/services
  • Analyze competitive landscape and pricing benchmarks to test and establish market positioning and willingness-to-pay
  • Identify potential channels partners to reach and acquire customers to drive sustainable growth in pace with product roadmap
  • Establish and track growth metrics for ventures, support the refinement and execution of go-to-market strategies post launch
  • Contribute to high-level strategic decisions from a growth perspective in collaboration with product, research, design, and business strategy teams

You Should Apply If You Possess:

  • Strong analytical skills, with demonstrated ability to convert ambiguous problem statements into insightful analysis, and translating them into practicable growth initiatives
  • Familiar with cross functional teams and able to collaborate as well as influence decisions from the product, design and research, and business teams
  • Able to clearly articulate and qualify growth strategies tied into product roadmap to stakeholders and internal business functions
  • Strong track record in crafting go-to-market strategies to drive clear growth impact of technology companies, pivoting where needed
  • Resourcefulness to generate thought leadership for new and unorthodox methods

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