What is Menyala?

We are a venture building team founded by Temasek, a global investment firm headquartered in Singapore. Currently operating as a single cross-functional strategy and business startup team, Menyala has a 2-pronged mission:

  1. Create repeatable methodology and capabilities to turn ideas into scalable industry-leading ventures in the realm of decentralized technologies; and
  2. Launch pioneering ventures by end 2022 that drive exponential value for people in a new wave of previously unimaginable businesses and business models.

What You’ll Do

You’ll be involved in forming, understanding and communicating Menyala’s product and venture strategies as they grow and evolve through contact with customers, partners and markets. In the future we expect to split into multiple teams, each with a tighter focus on a segment of customers and associated products. You will be responsible for constantly evaluating technologies, designing and building solutions for new ventures in collaboration with in-house design & research associates in the LemmaTree Group. 

Here are some key responsibilities:

  • Guide and lead strategic choices for development of solutions that become core to success of products and ventures, helping stakeholders understand trade-offs e.g. why this not that, why now not later, and vice versa.
  • Product Strategist. Contribute to high-level strategic decisions from a technology perspective in collaboration with design, research, product, engineering and business teams
  • Present prototypes to, and seek feedback from, internal and external stakeholders to convince them of the solution’s technical value proposition 
  • Competitive Product Research. Research on technology solutions of potential competitors of ventures to highlight competitive advantages and disadvantages of their solutions
  • Understand customer requirements from research and design teams to ensure that solution proposed by Technologist (Engineering) meets the requirements 
  • Ensure implementation of solution and prototypes are aligned with business objectives and timeline

You Should Apply If You Are/Have:

    • A strong track record in developing technology solutions that would address customer requirements and considers venture’s commercial requirements (Ownership of product market fit)
    • Excelled in leading cross-functional teams and have influenced decisions in product, engineering, design, research and business
    • Able to communicate complex technology concepts simply to other internal and external stakeholders who have no technology background to aid their understanding
    • Able to clearly articulate commercial value of technology solution to customers and internal business functions
    • Deep knowledge in decentralised technologies, up to date on latest technology trends and comfortable working with new technologies


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