What is Menyala?

We are a venture building team founded by Temasek, a global investment firm headquartered in Singapore. Currently operating as a single cross-functional strategy and business startup team, Menyala has a 2-pronged mission:

  1. Create repeatable methodology and capabilities to turn ideas into scalable industry-leading ventures in the realm of decentralized technologies; and
  2. Launch pioneering ventures by end 2022 that drive exponential value for people in a new wave of previously unimaginable businesses and business models.

What You’ll Do

Venture Architects are responsible for proving “viability” within our venture teams. You will assess how potential decentralized solutions developed by each venture team would be able to address market opportunities and consumer challenges.

In This Role, You’ll Need To

  • Conduct landscaping of industries and competitors to identify and size potential opportunities and challenges through desktop research and expert interviews (secondary research)
  • Assess how potential solutions developed by the team would be able to address opportunities and challenges as well as support product team in testing these solutions with customers
  • Establish hypothesis and test customer’s willingness to pay, and perform short and long term unit economics analysis and financial model to determine commercial viability of the solution
  • Identify potential channels and partners (including investors) to enable the successful launch and scale of new venture
  • Contribute to high-level strategic decisions from a business perspective in collaboration with engineering, research, design and business strategy teams

You Should Apply If You Possess:

  • Strong analytical skills, with demonstrated ability to convert ambiguous problem statements into insightful analysis, and translating them into practicable business initiatives
  • Familiar with cross functional teams and able to collaborate as well as influence decisions from the product, design and research teams
  • Able to build trust and rapport with new stakeholders quickly, comfortable and experienced in engaging senior management, and new people regularly
  • Able to clearly articulate and quantify commercial value of technology solution across each stage of the product roadmap to customers and internal business functions
  • Strong track record in crafting commercial strategies and business execution to drive significant business impact and growth of technology companies, pivoting where needed
  • Resourcefulness to generate thought leadership for new and unorthodox methods

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