What is Menyala?

We are a venture building team founded by Temasek, a global investment firm headquartered in Singapore. Currently operating as a single cross-functional strategy and business startup team, Menyala has a 2-pronged mission:

  1. Create repeatable methodology and capabilities to turn ideas into scalable industry-leading ventures in the realm of decentralized technologies
  2. Launch pioneering ventures by end 2022 that drive exponential value for people in a new wave of previously unimaginable businesses and business models

Researchers are responsible for proving “value desirability” within our venture teams. You will deepen our customer understanding, by creating personas and customer journeys which strategically frame our customer behaviours. 

In This Role You Will

  • Contribute to high-level strategic decisions from a research perspective in collaboration with engineering, product and business strategy teams
  • Define processes to successfully and reliably reach and recruit target customers from international markets
  • Voice of the consumer and lead our research initiatives such as conducting interviews, crafting surveys, and optimizing how we capture the right level of understanding about customer problems
  • Summarize relevant research insights, complete these with data analytics, and collaborate with teams to make actionable design decisions
  • Design and conduct quantitative and ethnographic research investigations (primary research) that help 

You Should Apply If You Possess:

  • Deep knowledge and experience of researching products and markets in support of best-in-class product market fit and customer experience.
  • Significant track record shaping real-to-world user experiences and delivering tangible products and services to market, with at least 2 years leading creative projects to successful completion
  • You have excelled in cross-functional teams before and have influenced decisions in Product, Engineering and Design
  • You are able to own and execute research projects while having a strategic view of process improvements
  • Experience with research in support of product prototyping and testing, future visioning and strategy development

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