MemryX, Inc. is an AI semiconductor startup company headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with branches in Taipei, Hsinchu, and India. We develop highly scalable and innovative AI accelerator chips that offer high performance, low energy, and customer ease of implementation for embedded Edge AI vision-based applications and real-time data processing. Company has working HW & SW for customer sampling, with production designs in the pipeline, and a system architecture designed for future. MemryX is backed by excellent VC funding and is currently in a stage of rapid growth.

While our tech is one of a kind we would not be able to make these advancements without our team. Our collaborative culture is one of the keys to our success.

Current Job Openings



AL/ML SW Engineer
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Software Engineering Lead
Ann Arbor, Michigan



System and SOC Architecture Lead
Bangalore, India / Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Software Engineering

AI Application Engineering Lead
Ann Arbor MI, Bay Area CA
Computer Vision Engineer
United States