MeetElise is on a mission to revolutionize the housing industry, with the ultimate goal of making good housing more accessible.

Access to affordable housing isn’t just a problem - it’s a global crisis. An estimated seven million affordable and available rental homes are needed in just the US alone, and no amount of government spending or policy have proven to be effective solutions.

MeetElise uses machine learning to address the underlying cause preventing significant advancements in affordable housing: operational costs. By automating the leasing and management of apartment homes, we’re creating a new, low cost operating model that allows for the development of new housing at scale.

Our first product is an AI leasing agent named Elise that converts 65% more prospective renters to residents than a human leasing agent. She answers questions and schedules tours 24/7 and is so human-like that renters say they’re “here to meet Elise” when they show up for a tour.

MeetElise is well-funded by VCs, strategic real estate investors, and customers and was started by technical cofounders from MIT and the University of Cambridge.

Our small, courageous team is building the future we want to live in. A future where housing is affordable, powered by technology, and accessible to all.

Current Job Openings

Customer Success

Customer Success Manager
New York City
Lead Triage Engineer
New York City
Support Engineer
New York City


Senior Software Engineer
New York City


VP of Finance
New York City


Recruitment Coordinator
New York City

Machine Learning / Data Science

Data Scientist
New York City


AI Trainer


Data Analyst
New York City
Senior Product Designer
New York City
Senior Product Manager
New York City
User Researcher
New York City


Account Executive
New York City

Executive Assistant
New York City