Medmain Inc.

■About us
Medmain is a medical technology startup founded in January 2018 operating in telepathology and AI-driven pathological image diagnosis. Our team consists of specialists from medical, deep learning and web development fields. As well as those based in Japan, we have staff and advisors working remotely from all over the world. Our main product, PidPort, provides quick and accurate pathological image diagnoses using deep learning. It is currently under development and soon to be launched. So far, we have raised several hundred million yen from venture capitals in and out of Japan. Through our cutting-edge technology, we strive to provide higher quality pathology globally, ultimately improving patients' lives.
Live Sharks Tank '17 - First Prize Winner, San Francisco, U.S.A.
Latitude59 '18 - Estonia Awards, Estonia
NICT Entrepreneurs’ Challenge '18 - First Prize Winner (MIC Awards), Japan NewsPicks "MAKEMONEY" '19 - First Prize Winner, Japan

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