Media Molecule - About Us!

We are a small, diverse studio with a family vibe. Self-motivation, knowledge of your craft, and willingness to push the boundaries of what is possible are important qualities for prospective Molecules. In return, we offer flexible working, inclusivity, a highly collaborative approach to development and really quite marvellous benefits and perks. 

As a Web Designer, you'll love creating visually stunning, enjoyable experiences on the web. The web is a passion for you, its constantly evolving potential as a platform for creativity excites you! Because of that, you're in tune with what's happening in the latest of web technologies.

Be it desktop, tablet, mobile or TV - the web is on all of these devices, and more. You'll have experience in producing sites that adapt their visual design for the device being used, as well as enhancing their functionality based on the devices abilities.

What you'll be doing:

  • Working as part of the Web Team at Media Molecule
  • Creating high quality designs for new features on, the community portal and web counterpart to our ambitious creative platform, Dreams
  • Taking your designs to the browser with handwritten HTML and CSS
  • Responding to feedback and helping to fix issues, as part of support of as a live service
  • Working alongside the server and Dreamiverse teams, ensuring cohesion between the game and the web in your work
  • Helping to shape and evolve the future of, ensuring it is an integral part of the Dreams experience

Required Skills

  • At least 5 years of experience designing and producing high quality websites, with a strong online portfolio showcasing this
  • Solid skills in your choice of leading graphics software, such as Sketch or Photoshop
  • In-depth knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Able to produce standards compliant, handwritten HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript
  • Experience creating responsive sites from the ground up
  • A sharp attention to detail and an eye for pixel-perfect design
  • Good knowledge of the latest web tools and technologies
  • Able to work on own initiative or work well in a team
  • Be a creative person with interesting hobbies and interests!
  • Player of video games


  • Experience with any of the following technologies: SASS, Node.js, React is advantageous
  • Experience with design systems or pattern libraries is advantageous

A little bit about you

When working, you'll happily sketch out design ideas and draw up wireframes for pitching your proposals, before jumping in to your graphics software of choice to work your magic. When it comes to breathing life in to your designs, you'll boot up your text editor to start typing the handwritten HTML, CSS and the odd bit of JavaScript. Your high standards and keen eye for detail never miss a trick.

You'll be a creative person with unique hobbies and interests. You're always turned on by the quirky, crafty, little things in life. You might keep a sketchbook, run a photo blog, make your own clothes; however you express your love of these things, you'd say it was part of what defined you.

This is a permanent position.

Media Molecule is an equal opportunity employer. Recruitment selection is based on objective, job-related criteria, as well as a commitment to diversity. Applicants will be chosen on their merits and abilities.

What you get:

On top of all the things we already mentioned, you’ll also get to be part of a talented, diverse team of people, get a tip top benefits package, including private health and life insurance, income protection and all that jazz, a competitive salary, a winning bonus scheme, London weighting, a personal development fund, being a name and not a number, organic fruit, really comfy chairs, and the occasional hug. Our main studio is based in Guildford, and we now also have a small office in Brighton.

 How To Apply

Remember to upload your CV/Resume, please ensure you send along any examples of work/portfolio/website examples. 

Tips for Getting Hired

Words are not enough! We need to see what you make: a portfolio, showreel, demo…send us a curated selection of your work that shows just the pieces you’re most proud of. Don’t be afraid to show us your personal work alongside your professional projects… just make sure we have your best creations to look at. We’re certainly excited to see portfolios made in Dreams as well.

Be yourself. We are a studio that encourages our team think creatively, to play with new technology and jam on individual ideas. We love seeing the personality of everyone at Media Molecule reflected in Dreams and so it’s YOU and YOUR STYLE that we are interested in learning about.

Embrace collaboration. Dreams is a very collaborative project and Media Molecule loves a game jam, so we need team members that can work well together – sometimes across departments that don’t traditionally overlap. Maybe you already work on a team, or manage a guild or play in a band – we’d love to hear how you get on collaborating with others.

Go for it. Media Molecule is filled with people with all sorts of previous experiences – straight from university, from jobs outside the industry, from AAA studios and indie ones, etc. We are after people who fit the roles we are hiring for not a specific number of years in the industry. Some roles benefit from certain experience, of course, but otherwise we are very open. We make creative games, and creativity is something we all enjoy. If you are interested then please apply – and don’t forget that portfolio!



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