MedArrive exists to expand access to care, drive efficiency, and reduce healthcare expenses by supporting an under-utilized healthcare resource: EMS providers. With COVID-19, we offer actionable solutions to immediately relieve the burden facing our healthcare system. Our mission is simple, Improving people's lives by bringing more humanity to healthcare in the home. Our enemy is an often soulless, transactional healthcare system that’s increasingly engineering the vital human touch away from the experience - and often hard to access.

MedArrive is a tech and healthcare services business that enables EMS providers (EMTs and paramedics) to provide care in non-traditional settings under physicians' oversight. The primary use case is care in the home, e.g., ongoing chronic condition monitoring for a homebound patient by an EMS provider under an EMS professional's oversight of a physician or urgent care response. Our company partners with EMS agencies to leverage their excess capacity on the labor supply side, health systems to gain access to overseeing physicians and payers to set up reimbursement pathways for these services.

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