Meaningful Gigs Creative Community

Thank you for your interest in Meaningful Gigs! If you're an African designer and you want to learn more about working with us, please apply at the most applicable job, below.

*About this Application Process*

Hello and welcome to Meaningful Gigs!

This isn’t a typical “job application”, you are applying to join our exclusive Creative Community.

We are a creative matching platform and our goal is to find the best talent for our community so we can be confident when we match customers with creatives on a gig, they will want to continue working with our talented community for years to come! Our mission is to create 100,000 skilled jobs for Africans by 2028.

What We Do

Meaningful Gigs is an online marketplace that connects highly skilled African creatives with remote jobs at companies like Starbucks, Facebook and IDEO.

As a Creative in the Meaningful Gigs Community, you have access to companies like Google, Meta, Starbucks, Indeed, Nickelodeon, Snapchat and Coinbase. And as we continue to grow, the list of top brands will grow as well.

The benefit of being within the Meaningful Gigs Community is that you not only have access to the worlds best brands, but you also have the support of an entire entire team of sales, customer success, marketing, accounting, and product people working to get you consistent, long term work. That’s 20+ people pitching, building relationships, writing about you and your work, telling your story, and building a digital showcase for customers to view your work in the easiest way possible. All of this allows you to focus on what matters most, being creative.

*A customer at Meaningful Gigs is what we call the client or stakeholder. 

Who You Are


Creatives who are part of the Meaningful Gigs community have a unique obsession over delivering a high value experience to the customers they work with. They understand they are more than just freelance talent—they are high quality creatives who are strategically matched to help solve a customers top challenges.


We expect our creative community members to consistently:

  • Deliver high quality work
  • Communicate clearly
  • Deliver on time, every time


The first week of a gig is a critical time to establish a relationship, create momentum and then deliver something of value that will prove yourself as a meaningful contributor to the team. It will set the tone for the rest of the gig.

Definition: Within the first seven days of beginning a gig, there is an expectation that you deliver something of high value to the customer. Examples:

  • If there is a brief and/or a clear deliverable, then executing on that should be the priority.
  • If there is no brief or no clear deliverable, you will be expected to identify something that you can do to add value for the customer. It's important that you listen to the customer and really understand their challenges.

Average Rates

Meaningful Gigs Creatives typically have the opportunity to earn between $2000 and $5500 per month for full-time work. Most of the contracts we secure are weekly, not hourly because this allows us to position creatives for longer contracts. We’ve found that these rates increase the length of the contracts we’re able to secure for each creative, along with the number of creatives hired. This means more creatives are earning more money for longer periods of time.

Current Job Openings

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