helps doctors, scientists, and engineers build medical AI that have potential to improve patient care and outcomes. Our overarching goal is to accelerate medical AI development, deployment, and validation. We provide software tools to enable large-scale collaborative dataset curation and annotation as well as model deployment and federated clinical validation, with a particular focus on medical imaging. We also train and build machine learning models ourselves to support these goals. Our software platform is used by top academic medical institutions as well as large pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. 

While we have a home base in New York City, we are a US remote-first company. We are driven, ambitious, and love tackling hard challenges. However, we believe that to do one's best work, one must maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle outside of work—we all have hobbies and passions that keep us grounded. We are team-oriented and work collaboratively, driven by results and impact rather than ego. We acknowledge we don't have all the answers, but we believe fiercely in our ability to continuously learn and improve.

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