ORGANIZATION AND PROGRAM PROFILE is an independent non-profit founded by McKinsey & Company in January 2018 to have lasting and substantial impact on complex social challenges. Our first initiative, Rethinking Recycling, aims to dramatically improve recycling systems in cities around the world so that they are truly economically sustainable, socially inclusive, and environmentally beneficial – thus accelerating the transition to a zero-waste, circular economy. We focus particularly on plastics and organics (food and garden waste) in the post-consumer waste stream, which together drive much of the waste pollution crisis and its contribution to local pollution and global climate change.

Our program has three major components, aimed at overcoming the vicious cycle of poor supply and inadequate demand for recycled material that plagues most cities today:

  1. We improve supply of recyclable waste at the source through better design of collection systems and behavioral nudges.
  2. We build community recycling systems that drive cost efficiency and ethical operations in sorting, logistics, and processing of recyclable waste.
  3. We work to stabilize recycling demand and unlock better pricing by streamlining and bringing transparency to the full recycling value chain.

Our goal is to create a replicable model for managing waste that cities around the world will adopt.

We currently have pilot programs in Argentina and Indonesia. We have full-time teams in both locations, as well as community, government, expert NGO and corporate partners who amplify our impact.

In Indonesia, on the supply and community side, we have been piloting our proof-of-concept in a community recycling program in one Desa (village) in Denpasar, and are now scaling the program across 6 villages in Bali (Rethinking Recycling Academy). On the demand side, we are partnering with PRAISE, a consortium of six consumer goods companies – Coca-Cola, Danone, Indofood, Nestlé, Tetra Pak, and Unilever – to develop mechanisms for channeling purchasing commitments into stabilizing markets for recycled material.

In Argentina, we have been conducting a proof-of-concept in the iconic informal settlement of Barrio 31 in Buenos Aires, where we have achieved recycling and community participation rates higher than any other similar neighborhood and most cities in Latin America. Building on our work in Barrio 31, we are now expanding our program to demonstrate the business case and community benefit of a recycling system at the scale of a full municipality. We have selected the municipality of Olavarría, in the Province of Buenos Aires, to pilot our full value chain approach: working with the municipal government, the local recycling cooperative, and community leaders to maximize material recovery upstream, and working with local and regional value chain players to test market innovations to stabilize supply chains and improve pricing.

Read more about our work and see a video of our program on our website: and on


We are looking for a passionate, high-performing Behavior Change Lead to join a collaborative program team of colleagues, external staff, and local partners in Argentina. The Behavior Change Lead will be based in Olavarría to work on our GIRO (Gestión Integral de Residuos Olavarría) project. Responsibilities will include the following:

  • Strategy: Drive behavior change strategy through a practical application of behavioral science theory, framework, and design thinking tools to refine the MVP community engagement solution that achieves optimal source separation results to be scaled to the whole city of Olavarría in 2022.
    • Community education: Design & implement initiatives that effectively motivate and teach the community the target behavior (e.g., why source separation is important, how to source separate and what day to put out what kind of waste).
    • User experience: Design & implement initiatives that reduce source separation barriers and increase GIRO’s value proposition within the community.
    • Communications: Oversee the production of communications content for the GIRO program, including the coordination of contracted graphics and multimedia designers, photographers, the municipality teams and others.
  • Data-driven implementation: Ensure implementation plan is data-driven, relying on both quantitative (e.g., participation, surveys) and qualitative (e.g., interviews, focus groups) inputs; oversee the operational processes as well as the analysis that drives the iterative process of MVP discovery.
    • Coordinate fieldwork of team of behavior change associates and municipality employees dedicated to behavior change.
  • Codification of best practices: Standardize and document best practices learned from this program to ensure replicability and scalability.
  • Local stakeholder engagement: Develop strategic relationships with a range of local stakeholders, including community leaders and local organizations interested in collaborating with GIRO; build understanding of and communicate with different audiences, expressing clear messages based on the research and articulating actionable conclusions.
  • Senior stakeholder communication: Prepare high quality, actionable syntheses of program learnings and work for regular meetings with senior stakeholders (e.g., program funders), including memos and presentations.
  • Scaling strategic planning: Explore opportunities to expand the GIRO program to other municipalities, working in collaboration with the Argentina Scaling team.


We are seeking candidates with significant experience in Behavior Change and in managing a team. The Behavior Change Lead will report directly to the Argentina Program Managers (the GIRO program manager and the Scaling manager). 

  • Minimum 5 years’ work experience in relevant Behavior Change programs (e.g., behavioral science and/or design thinking preferred)
  • Experience managing teams for complex implementation projects with diverse stakeholders
  • Demonstrated aptitude in conceptual and analytical problem solving (e.g., using basic data tools like excel and google sheets to develop data driven solutions, distill themes from interviews, and identify important patterns/discrepancies in results)
  • Professional fluency in Spanish and English required (both written and spoken)
  • Native Argentinian preferred (all nationalities are welcome to apply)
  • Track record of establishing credibility and communicating effectively with a broad range of people, from community representatives to senior leaders
  • We prefer candidates with:
    • Work experience and/or undergraduate degree in related fields (e.g., behavioral or social sciences)
    • Work experience with major NGOs or corporations, especially on behavior change, strategy and/or implementation
    • Work experience with community leaders and governments
    • Passion for making change happen in the environmental and/or waste space.

Further details:

  • This position will be based full-time in Olavarría, Argentina
  • All nationalities are welcome to apply
  • We offer competitive compensation

Applications are welcome until May 16th, 2021.  

We are an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. 

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