We’re looking for an exceptionally talented and motivated Backend Developer to help us challenge every assumption about troubleshooting, and build software at scale that solves real-world problems for some of the world’s most important organizations. You will devise new systems that combine human knowledge with statistical machine learning to help people discover the root cause of brokenness.


You should love working on hard problems and be able to build a version 1 of almost anything in a week. You know Python well and like to use it. You are strong at backend development and you have a track record of building things and the specific tools you know matter less than being able to pick up new tools quickly.


  1. Innovate on ways Mavenoid makes troubleshooting as accessible as electricity
  2. Make the platform even more scalable
  3. Evolve the architecture and API


  1. You have a track record of building things
  2. You are able to build impactful software and demonstrate value quickly
  3. You can solve a wide breadth of problems in much more direct or elegant ways than most
  4. You have a great balance between pragmatism and the desire to get things right
  5. You are intellectually curious and honest
  6. You are able to learn new concepts and technologies on a weekly basis
  7. You have strong computer science fundamentals
  8. Bonus: You have experience with Python


The upsides of joining a small company early: outsized impact, real ownership and accountability, hard problems, faster learning, quicker decisions, less bureaucracy, and real equity (so you don’t have to worry about money ever again if we succeed) combined with salary (so you don’t have to worry about money now).


Here at Mavenoid, we’re building the world’s most intelligent—and human-friendly—troubleshooting system, transforming the way problems are solved through a symbiosis of human and machine. We partner with some of the most important industrial organizations in the world to transform how they discover the root cause of brokenness. Our software has been used to repair everything from robotic lawn mowers and dishwashers to cloud-connected trucks and military tanks.

The first step of the recruitment process is a 20 minute logic test. Once you have applied you will receive an email with further instructions from our supplier Alva Labs, allow a day or two for it to arrive and keep a lookout in your spam folder just in case. When your test results are in we will assess your application together with the test result. We will request that you repeat the logic test on site further on in the process.


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