Mavenoid helps people at some of the world’s most important organizations to diagnose and solve problems. We can do a hundred different things but can only succeed with the right new partnerships and deals. We’re looking for a hard-working business developer that has the judgment and creativity to lead those efforts.

This role is neither static nor easily defined. It will change quickly along with our company. It requires grappling with technical concepts and thriving in a highly data-driven environment and engineering culture. The right person can grow into a future leader who will shape our business development organization.


The ideal candidate:

Gets important things done. You have a history of closing multiple complex deals with creative or aggressive terms. What deals have you yourself negotiated? What clever deal hacks have you pulled off?

Can run a deal process. You are great at shepherding all internal and external stakeholders through the various phases of a deal (ideation, pitching, negotiating, structuring, closing, implementing). You mine a list of prospects, aggressively frame a negotiation, and set up internal prep meetings before calling external parties when it’s called for.

Is creative and fearless in deal terms. You push the envelope on what is possible and are willing to make a crazy ask.

Is pragmatic but also keeps the big picture in mind. You figure out what is important, optimize ruthlessly for it, and get the deal done. But you also believe that some of the best deals are the ones that don’t happen. You can take a step back and decide whether to walk away, or not try to force a deal to happen if it shouldn’t.

Sweats the small stuff. You read every word of every contract, including all the legal language, so that you can catch gotchas and think through the implications of what the contract says. You can pick up and grok key legal nuances, even without a legal background.

Have lots of raw horse power. You are smart, creative and think well on your feet.

Is easy to talk to. You are articulate and can communicate well with both the internal team (engineers) as well as the customer or partner.

Has grit. Sometimes you need to keep knocking at a door over and over until someone finally answers. Deals can take a long time and a lot of back and forth. You don’t give up towards the very end to “just close the deal” and leak value.


The upsides of joining a small company early: outsized impact, real ownership and accountability, hard problems, faster learning, quicker decisions, less bureaucracy, and real equity (so you don’t have to worry about money ever again if we succeed) combined with a fair salary structure (so you don’t have to worry about money now no matter what).


Please tell us about the time you most successfully hacked some non-computer system to your advantage, and include any other information you want to share with us.


Here at Mavenoid, we’re building the world’s most intelligent—and human-friendly—troubleshooting system, transforming the way problems are solved through a symbiosis of human and machine. We partner with some of the most important industrial organizations in the world to transform how they discover the root cause of brokenness. Our software has been used to repair everything from robotic lawn mowers and dishwashers to cloud-connected trucks and military tanks.

The first step of the recruitment process is a 20 minute logic test. Once you have applied you will receive an email with further instructions from our supplier Alva Labs, allow a day or two for it to arrive and keep a lookout in your spam folder just in case. When your test results are in we will assess your application together with the test result. We will request that you repeat the logic test on site further on in the process.


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