MatX: faster chips for LLMs

Come work with us!

  • Whether we're working in hardware, software, or ML, we want our code to be efficient and to run fast.
  • We like candidates who have shipped high quality solutions to real technical problems.
  • We are interested in all experience levels, from new graduates to industry veterans.
  • We work in person three days a week in our office in Mountain View, California.

Here are some things we value:

  • Consider new approaches. We are solving a different problem than previous products. Therefore our solutions will often be different. We readily abandon traditional or already-implemented approaches if there is an alternative that is better in our context.
  • Understand deeply. We carefully reason through the consequences of big decisions. A few days of thinking can be worth more than weeks of simulation or months of experimentation. This is how we make big bets with high confidence.
  • Invite and include. We are a high-trust team who supports each other and helps to develop the skills and understanding of each other. We take each other's contributions seriously and we make sure good ideas are heard, even and especially when they mean major shifts in direction.

Current Job Openings


Mountain View, CA
Hardware System Lead
Mountain View, CA

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Researcher
Mountain View, CA